Chance the Rapper likes being called “Christian,” just don’t call his music that

If you saw this logo plastered as a warning all over my blog, yet I claimed to be a Christian while I use explicit language, would you really believe me? Using Chance the Rapper as an example, apparently I would be. And the so-called “Christian” media would praise me and tell me how well I rep Christ. Such has been the case for Chicagoan Chance the Rapper ever since he showed out at the 2017 Grammy Awards a few months ago where he claimed his Grammy win “in the name of the Lord” and gave a gospel-infused performance later in the show.

Today, an article appeared about him in the Christian Post that was excerpted from a Teen Vogue interview where he explained that “I don’t make Christian rap, but I am a Christian rapper.” In a statement that mirrors statements made by Christian rappers such as Lecrae and Trip Lee, Chance further explained he hates being labeled as “Christian” musically because he doesn’t want such labels to affect how people view his “art” by rejecting it before they listen to it. According to Chance, his goal is to reach the atheist or to have people tell him his music brought them closer to God and to “fully give glory to God” in his secular rap setting.

The Christian Post article was very sympathetic to Chance the Rapper and his concerns, but let’s view a sample of song lyrics from his award-winning album “Coloring Book”:

No Problems (featuring 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne)

Verse 1

Ooh, I be comin’, put the hinges in their hands
Countin’ Benjis while we meetin’, make ’em shake my other hand
Milly rockin’, scoopin’ all the blessings on my lap
B***h, I know you tried to cheat, you shoulda never took a nap
F*** wrong with you? What you was thinkin’?
F*** you thought it was?
You talk that talk that make a lame a n***a fall in love
Not me, though, b***h you can keep those

Summer Friends (featuring Jeremih & Francis & The Lights)

Verse 2

…It’s been a minute since I called on a friend
F****d up and f****d all my friends, all my friends
All my friends, all my…

Mixtape (featuring Young Thug & Lil Yachty)


Am I the only n***a still care about mixtapes?
Am I the only n***a still care about mixtapes?
I’m the only n***a still care about mixtapes
Bad little b***h, wanna know how lips taste
(She curious, she curious)
I swear I’m the only n***a still care about mixtapes
Bad little b***h, wanna know how the lips taste

Yeah…these are really the types of things I think about when I really want to get close to God. I’m sure listening to Chance can really help any Christian grow in the Lord. Or not. What does this say about “Christian” media outlets when they tout him as a good Christian example?

3 thoughts on “Chance the Rapper likes being called “Christian,” just don’t call his music that

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  1. Christian music is corny and boring. I understand where he coming from. Christian college buddy of mine got me to listen to group called 10 Ave North, put me to sleep. Always same slow tempo. No wonder Katy Perry left.


    1. Anonymous,

      Christian music has a whole array of subgenres and different styles of music from Christian contemporary to EDM to Christian hip hop to jazz to Southern gospel to urban gospel. To generalize the whole genre based on one group isn’t really fair.


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