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Mississippi woman hit by reckless driver miraculously survives with minor scrapes

This past Sunday, May 7, Markelia Roberson of Moss Point, Mississippi experienced a miracle that let her know God was looking out for her. She was walking with a friend in the pedestrian lane of the popular and scenic Biloxi Ocean Springs Bridge when a driver crossed into their lane full speed, struck Roberson, and kept going.

Roberson remembers her life flashing before her eyes right before the car hit her, sending her up through the air. When she hit the ground, several people came to her aid. Roberson said she can’t recall the whole incident since she blacked out and couldn’t move. But she remembers the kindness of all the strangers around her who helped her and gave police enough good information that led to the arrest of the 30-year-old Pensacola, Florida woman responsible for the hit-and-run.

She was sure she was as good as dead, but Roberson recalls a woman who she still hasn’t met took time to pray for her and as the woman prayed she could feel her body start to regain strength. Initial examinations showed no severe injuries, just minor scrapes and bruises, but Roberson, who just graduated from community college, is scheduled to see specialists to make sure. She is scheduled to continue her education this fall at the University of Mississippi.

Roberson has no doubt God gave her a miracle to assure her and prove to others he is real and has a definite purpose for her life, especially considering the impact of the hit could have easily sent her flying over the side of the bridge into the water below.

Keep me, O LORD, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from the violent man… Psalm 140:4


Myya Robinson, Moss Point woman struck by fleeing driver credits divine intervention as reason her life was spared,, May 9, 2017.

Warren Kulo, Woman in custody after driving vehicle on Biloxi bridge walkway, striking pedestrian,, May 8, 2017.


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