Former banker for elite globalists exposes their Satanic rituals

An interview of Dutch entrepreneur Ronald Bernard recently by De Vrije Media has gone viral in the last few days. The reason being is that Bernard handled the finances of Illuminati members, especially in Europe. It is a 39 minute video worth watching to expose how the Enemy, i.e. Satan, is using bankers and other global elitists on the world stage. In his interview, Bernard tells how he did business for a group of the Illuminati globalists, giving an account of how he helped them manipulate the Italian lira in the financial markets to devalue the currency which led to a businessman losing everything and committing suicide. After they found out what happened to the businessman, they joked about it.

Bernard also proceeds to tell about the ritualistic parties he was invited to at various Church of Satan locations where, in honor of Lucifer, the elitists participated in loose sex, alcohol abuse, and “other stuff.” By “other stuff” he most likely means drugs and other forms of debauchery. In fact, Bernard goes on to say that he had at one time in his life studied the Bible, and these men were involved in the same pagan practices Israel was condemned for. Eventually, his willingness to go along with them ended and he almost had a mental breakdown after they pressured him to take part in the ritual Satanic abuse and human sacrifices of children.

For other eye-opening revelations about them, including how they blackmail, stir up divisiveness, and hate mankind, watch the video below.

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  1. Harry, how do we know that what he is saying is really true and not just some made up fiction like has been done by others like Mike Warnke, etc., in the past?


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