Trump’s first 100 days show he intends to keep campaign promises

The mark of any good business leader is that their word, their handshake, and their signature can be trusted to carry out their promises. Otherwise, they really wouldn’t be worth the trust you place in them. In his first 100 days as President, a marker that the President himself called “an artificial barrier,” Donald J. Trump has proven his intentions to stay as close as he possibly can to fulfilling his campaign promises. And he did it despite all the negativity of the mainstream media, violent Soros-funded anti-Trump protesters, liberal judges overstepping their constitutional limitations, socialist Democrats in Congress, RINOs, Communist academics and their brainwashed students, and the President’s many rounds of golf.

Trump has shown why he was so successful as a business leader and has carried it over to a place that hates it when one’s word is your bond, especially when it doesn’t line up with globalists and their lobbyist puppets working quid pro quo in the halls of government. One of the biggest accomplishments is the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. He has also signed 28 acts of Congress and has proposed parameters for legislation for tax reform and the repeal/replacement of the Affordable Care Act. Among his approximately 30 Executive Orders, including one today to prompt offshore energy endeavors along America’s coasts, he urged the Department of Education to place control of public schools back to the state and local level (bye-bye, Common Core), called for the strengthening economically and agriculturally of rural areas, targeted overburdening tax regulations, stopped enforcement of overreaching Obamacare regulations to lay the groundwork for its repeal and replacement, established whistleblower protections for the Veterans Administration, greenlighted the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, stopped federal funds from going toward abortions and forced sterilization, and many more.

While many of us gasped when he ordered missile strikes against Syria, strengthening Kurdish and Iraq forces against ISIS along with those missile strikes and the use of MOAB to kill almost 100 ISIS fighters in Afghanistan are paying off as many terrorists are abandoning ISIS after they realize their hopes in the terrorist group were unfruitful. And to think, all of this is only the beginning. Although he has had a few setbacks which the media have overstated as being huge losses, when he campaigned, setbacks only strengthened his resolve to bounce back. I have a strong feeling his presidency will be the same way. That’s why I continue to pray for him and his advisers.

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  1. Trump or no trump, Prophecy changes not, even that of spiritually “Sodom & Egypt”, Except that he is proving himself to be a “Puppet” of the Deep State, which incidentally is to the core of the Biblical Beast. its character identified as “Sodomic”
    Like said David Cameron of the manner, as PM “I will destroy prophecy”, to which he still tries to figure out as to how he kicked himself out. Penny Wise Pound foolish. Like themselves are their gods.


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