Hidden messages are why Christians need to stay alert

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re living in times where people love to muddy the waters with subtle messages to churn up F.E.A.R.–False Evidence Appearing Real. Many times those messages can be coded and presented in seemingly innocent ways. This is what fans of Marvel Comics experienced recently when an Indonesian graphic novel artist slipped some coded anti-Jewish, anti-Christian jihadist messages into the first issue of “X-Men Gold.” Marvel fans from all over the world, including moderate Muslims, took issue with the issue and caused such an uproar against artist Ardian Syaf, who boasted on Twitter about it, that Marvel felt they had no choice but to fire him and wipe the graphic novel clean of his coded references.

Another hidden message was subtly uncovered today in the political world. British spies confirmed today they were the ones who started the Trump campaign-Russia connection rumors by spying on Russian agents and Trump campaign workers. There are several hidden messages behind this story, which is really a rehashing of previous stories twisted and rearranged to stir up the Trump-Russia controversy all over again as if this is a new development–as the media has been doing for awhile now since they hate Trump and they know many among the masses have short memories regarding news stories.

examining fingerprintThe main hidden message is that, without admitting it, the media is confirming that President Trump and Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News were both correct when they spoke on this issue several weeks ago. But they twist the story to make the President look suspicious when he isn’t. Back in January this year, Trump pointed to the Brits as the originators of the false narrative that he was in collusion with Russians. Specifically, he exposed a contrived “dirty dossier” by British spy Christoper Steele, an agent working with Russian spies who falsely accused Trump of things he never did. Then came Trump’s accusations he had been spied on by Obama. Judge Andrew Napolitano confirmed that British spies were used to help Obama spy on Trump.

Both Trump and Napolitano were mocked and ridiculed and vehement denials were made by everyone they exposed. Napolitano was even suspended from Fox News for a time. Now this week the truth is exposed–first with the revelation that the Trump campaign was being targeted with surveillance by Obama (the New York Times even admitted this several weeks ago even though they denied it) and yes, the Brits were being used for that surveillance. Fox News owes Napolitano a very big and very public apology for the wrongful suspension.

I say all of that to say this–Satan and his minions are crafty and subtle with the intent to deceive. In the same way we question and critique the messages in the media, we must question and critique things from a spiritual standpoint when people present doctrines to us in different ways. The Lord also provides us with hidden messages in various forms. His intent, though, is to help us uncover his coded messages with the help of the Holy Ghost so we can gather knowledge and wisdom in a way that benefits our relationship with him. We Christians should be the best code breakers around–spiritually speaking. That’s why he gave the church an array of spiritual gifts to distinguish between Satan’s hidden messages and his messages. Let’s put them to good use so we won’t be like brainwashed sheeple who believe everything they see and hear in the mainstream media.

Let no man deceive you by any means… 2 Thessalonians 2:3

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