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Dutch doctors oppose assisted suicide for the healthy who are tired of living

The Dutch Doctors Federation, an organization of 59,000 physicians and medical students, has expressed their opposition to a proposed law that would allow the elderly who aren’t at death’s door to get doctor-assisted suicide simply because they feel there’s nothing left for them to accomplish in life. The health and justice ministers who submitted the proposal claimed they wished to ease the suffering of any elderly citizen who felt lonely or isolated due to the loss of a loved one, or who could no longer come up with a purpose for continuing to live.

Such a law would “lead to an erosion of the conscientious practice of euthanasia” and stigmatize the elderly as useless to society, the Federation noted in its comments as it pointed out that other steps should be taken to make them feel useful and worthwhile. The fact that physicians deem euthanasia “conscientious” is itself disturbing. While the Federation’s stance on the latest proposal is commendable, it’s stance on backing the current euthanasia law for sick patients is not.elderly man with walking stick

Once again this shows what happens when you open the door to the culture of death. Mission creep will always seep in to target more people than what may initially be stated by the policymakers. Those obsessed with seeing other people ended before their time will attempt to justify any scenario for the practice, like the dire need for harvested organs. In the Bible, God established the principle that the only reason a person’s life should be taken before their full life span is for the purpose of capital punishment if they commit a heinous crime such as murder. If taking a life is not done in justifiable self-defense, it’s murder. Modern euthanasia has its roots in the eugenics and socialist movements and was first implemented by the Nazis, which speaks volumes about any “advanced” society that adopts the practice.

Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble… his days are determined, the number of his months are with thee, thou hast appointed his bounds that he cannot pass… Job 14:1, 5

My times are in thy hand… Psalm 31:15


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