Thieves die after stealing from dead church leader: curse or coincidence?

In September 2016, Charles Chiriseri and his wife, Petunia, were on their way to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, when they were in a horrific accident that took his life and severely injured his wife. Mr. Chiriseri was a well-known “apostle.” While his body lay at the crash scene with people and first responders gathered around, the unthinkable and immoral happened. Several people at the scene stole money and goods from the preacher and his vehicle.

The stolen cash and items were only discovered later when a pastor who was at the scene and had signed a log book for all of the items present told Chiriseri’s relative what was recovered. When the pastor’s numbers were higher than the numbers officially reported, the theft became obvious. Two police officers, a firefighter, and a bus driver were then arrested and charged with stealing $200, a laptop, groceries, a Samsung S6, and more. Meanwhile, it took his wife a month to recover before the hospital discharged her.

Since that time, three of them have been killed in freak accidents. The bus driver was the sole person to die in a vehicle accident in November. The firefighter was the only one killed in a car accident in December when he and several other people were catching a ride together to work. One of the police officers was killed when he was accidentally run over by a former police officer last Friday at a roadblock. The driver said it was dark and he didn’t see the officer flagging him down for him to stop.

Some authorities who have knowledge of the case believe, based on their superstitions, that Mr. Chiriseri’s spirit has returned to exact revenge. Others say that it’s God carrying out vengeance for wrongs done to a true Christian man of God. What do you think?

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