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Oregon toddler raised from the dead after drowning in pond

Random pond in OregonMatthew and Elsa Cunningham of Baker City, Oregon, are praising God this week for the restoration of their 22-month-old son, Matty. At the end of last week while the couple was working in their yard, Matty wandered off. Anyone who has had a toddler or has been around them knows how quickly that can happen.

After searching nearby for him, they found him face down in a neighbor’s pond. Matthew recalls his son was blue and lifeless. They didn’t know how long he was in the pond, but as soon as they found him, Elsa started CPR and they all prayed, including their other children, as Matthew called 911 for help.

The local sheriff got Matty to a local hospital where the staff worked on him, but his pulse remained weak. Hospital staff didn’t hold out much hope for him as they continued to run tests. They soon got him airlifted to a hospital in neighboring Idaho to see if anything could be done for Matty. However, the hospital in Boise still did not see any signs of noticeable improvement and transferred him to a third hospital so the attending physician could do an MRI expecting to see serious brain damage.

When the test results came back, much to everyone’s surprise everything registered as being normal from the MRI. So the doctors stopped sedating him. A few hours later, Matty was back to his normal toddler self, anxious to run around the ICU this past Sunday. With no reason to hold him, the doctors sent him home Sunday. Matthew says they have all been continuously thanking God for this miracle that seems like “just a dream that’s too good to be true.” See the source link below for video of the story.

Source: Jeff Platt & KBOI News Staff, Parents: Toddler miraculously survives after drowning in neighbor’s pond: ‘He was dead’,, March 13, 2017.


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