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Mad scientists: CDC lists disturbing things in vaccines

Flu vaccine photo by AJ Cann for Creative Commons useThe Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a public document on its website, as highlighted by Mike Adams of, that lists some very disturbing substances found in vaccines for children as well as adults. I’m not sure who thought these things would be a good idea for use in humans, but I would surmise that whoever it was probably believed in evolution and lacked love for his/her fellow man and/or the ethics to realize that human life is sacred, worthy of more dignity and respect than what is reflected by these substances.

The composed list is of vaccine excipients–inert substances used alongside active ingredients as a stabilizing vehicle for administering vaccines. The most disgusting thing on the list (current as of January 2017) is human diploid cells. These were developed from aborted babies in the 1960s (before abortion was even legal) until the 1970s or even 1980s. This piece of information has been circulating for awhile, especially in medical and scientific circles though little attention is paid to it and the mainstream media denies it.

Also on the list is thimerosal (a mercury compound), fetal bovine serum (taken from the blood of unborn calves of slaughtered cows at slaughterhouses), bovine casein products (derived from cows’ milk but linked to schizophrenia), formaldehyde (a known human carcinogen), African Green Monkey kidney cells, and a whole host of other substances. With all of these chemicals interacting inside the human body, a closer examination of vaccines is definitely a good idea. Hopefully, President Trump will greenlight a commission by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to move forward on that, especially with a recent study Kennedy highlighted several weeks ago that found a definitive link between vaccines and brain disorders in children.


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