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Better to be an atheist than a Catholic hypocrite, says Pope Francis

saint-peters-basilicaIn a private morning mass held in his residence on February 23, Pope Francis added to his long list of controversial statements. Expressing regret for all the hypocrisy that takes place in the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope drew the conclusion that people who call themselves Catholic–boasting about their involvement in Catholic associations, regular mass attendance, etc.–but then turn around and exploit people, or lead a double life, or refuse to pay proper wages to employees would be better off by becoming atheist. He said such hypocrisy “is a scandal” and went on to say, “How many times have we all heard people say ‘if that person is a Catholic, it is better to be an atheist’.”

However, his statement is a smokescreen since he knows very well that the whole Roman Catholic system is founded on hypocrisy and encourages it. When you prop up a system that actively shields perverted priests, proclaims that all religions have the same god, promotes global government, teaches that the Virgin Mary brings salvation (contradicting what the real Bible says), and blesses anti-Christians for climate change initiatives, then the only fruit such a tree will bear will be hypocritical and rotten.

Pope Francis once again reveals his lack of discernment. Atheists are among some of the biggest hypocrites walking the planet, as I have pointed out in several posts here at my blog. Whether a hypocrite is an atheist hypocrite or a Catholic hypocrite, they’re still a hypocrite. All hypocrites need Jesus. It’s better for a hypocrite to turn to Christ in repentance than to continue making excuses for their hypocrisy. Many of us, especially myself, have been guilty of hypocrisy at one time or another. The Lord himself is the only remedy. Even the apostles Peter and Barnabas got caught up in hypocrisy at one point, as Paul pointed out in Galatians 2:11-14. Paul wisely and lovingly handled it by confronting them openly about it and pointed them back to what Christ expected of them. I’ll take Paul’s way over the Pope’s way any day.

Source: Giulia Crouch, Pope Francis says it is better to be an ATHEIST than a hypocritical Catholic, MailOnline, February 23, 2017.



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