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Islamist becomes Christian when told about Christ’s power to heal sick son

bon-island-phuket-thailand-by-dawn-in-phuket-used-under-creative-commonsAccording to the underground Christian ministry Bibles for Mideast, they were recently told about the testimony of an Islamist in South Asia who, along with his family, converted to confess the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation. The man had for years made his living by transporting people around on his rickshaw.

In 2006 and 2008, he was so radical and hated Christianity so much he attacked a pastor working with the underground ministry. In the first incident, he ran down the pastor in the street with his rickshaw in an attempt to kill him, putting the pastor in the hospital. The second incident two years later happened when he gathered a violent mob to attack and burn down a house church the pastor started.

Meanwhile, the Islamist and his wife were raising their only son, their only child. During the past few months, their teenaged son became ill, first with a brain tumor and then with leukemia. To pay for the medical bills, he had to sell his rickshaw–the same rickshaw he attempted to murder the pastor with. His son’s health deteriorated quickly and he wasn’t expected to survive.

Out of desperation, the Muslim parents decided it would be best if they and their son would end it all by taking poison and walking together into the ocean. When they did so, God had other plans. Some nearby fishermen who are Christians noticed some seagulls acting strangely. When they followed the seagulls to see what was going on, they came across the drowning family, saved them and took them to the hospital.

The same pastor who was attacked by the father years ago was alerted by the Lord about the family’s situation and went to the hospital with a team of believers to share the gospel with the family, including the fact that the Lord Jesus had the power to heal their son. The Islamist and his wife accepted Christ and the group began praying for their unconscious son. Not long afterwards, their son woke up completely healed and told them how the Lord Jesus appeared to him while he was unconscious.

After the doctors gave the boy a clean bill of health and released him, they had to move out of their Islamist neighborhood, but now rejoice in the fact they know the Lord and have copies of his word that they can read regularly to grow in their new faith.

Source: Suzette Gutierrez-Cachila, Muslim Father ‘Lost All Hope’ with Son’s Leukemia—Until God Demonstrated His Power to Heal,, February 20, 2017.


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