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Atheist claims to be force of good as she invokes Satan

baphomet-medallionThe fact that militant atheism is most likely just a ruse to reel the rebellious in to do a bait-and-switch into Satanism has become rather obvious in the past couple of years thanks to various Satanist groups. I referred to these spiritual ties five years ago when I pointed out how atheists were enamored with occultic leaders. In the latest example of this, Lilith Starr, leader of the Satanic Temple of Seattle is interviewed in the March 2017 issue of Seattle Met magazine boasting about her spiritually bankrupt philosophies.

Starr brings to the forefront some of the inconsistencies, hypocrisies, and contradictions inherent in militant atheism. While militant atheists claim they don’t follow a religion (a false statement often made because they don’t really know the definition of the word), Starr did not hesitate to admit what she does is a religion. When asked by reporter Jessica Voelker, “Do you consider atheism to be a religion?” Starr’s response was, “It is a religion, in that there is that sense of community and friendship and belonging for people who never had a place. And it’s just amazing to see that and to help build it.” Her answer, of course, is an avoidance of admitting outright she arduously follows a system of beliefs, i.e. religion, but this type of sidestepping is the modus operandi of many atheist leaders who really worship Satan as their god.

Although she referred to her god Satan as just a symbol embraced because he represents everything anti-Christian, Starr implied she really does worship the entity kicked out of heaven for rebelling against God, the typical atheist/Satanist contradiction exposing their deceitfulness. If Starr did not really worship Satan, she would not base her beliefs on the Satanic Bible as she admittedly does. It was written by Anton LaVey, a disciple of Aleister Crowley. LaVey, like Starr, claimed to be an atheist, but by holding up Crowley as someone he patterned himself after, his atheism was just a cover. Crowley was known to participate in secret occultic societies (like the Theosophical Society, Freemasonry, and the Hermetic Order) that contacted fallen angels in their seances. In fact, LaVey based his Satanic Bible on Crowley’s Book of the Law, which Crowley admitted getting from his spirit guide Aiwass, a devil he called his holy guardian angel.

Starr also admits she thinks of herself as being a god, as Satan does, and she wants to promote “humanistic ethics” by helping anyone “oppressed by the dominant paradigm of Christianity” to be a “force for good.” Her admissions are glaring hypocrisies. Militant atheists like Starr attack the Bible as being lies, but they embrace what the Bible says Satan stood for–opposition to everything and everyone resembling God. They are showing God to be correct in that those who oppose God in scripture are called children of the devil. If they believe the Bible is nothing but lies, then Satan would also be a lie and not be worthy of taking on his name, even if symbolic. By calling something a lie, then basing your system of beliefs on something you claim is a lie, doesn’t that ultimately mean your beliefs are also a lie? But they are so blind, they fail to see the ironies in their contradictions and hypocrisies, doing the very things they accuse Christians of doing.

Additionally, by embracing the name of Satan, Starr and people like her have proven Bible prophecy true. It predicts worship of Satan will increase before Christ returns. It seems to me that if you were trying to prove the Bible wrong, you would do everything to shy away from doing anything that proves it true.

Source: Jessica Voelker, Lilith Starr Does the Devil’s Work,, February 20, 2017.


3 thoughts on “Atheist claims to be force of good as she invokes Satan

  1. You’re an inspiration. We know that our DNA shows us we share a common ancestor. Well to be precise, common ancestors from a population of fewer than 30 individuals. ThIs means no Adam, no Eve, no original sin and no Jesus. There are so many problems with the book that Christians have forced to do the mental equivalent to slight of hand to convince themselves it’s anything more than mythology. As to Christian ethics and morals you are mistaken. They are neither moral nor ethical. Remove your Jesus glasses and read your book. It mirrors the mind of a jealous, petty, control freak who is a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, infanticidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully. And the proof of this assertion is repeated over and over in the loving book you base your beliefs on. It is exactly what you would expect from a Bronze Age cultures reasoning limitations.

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