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Texas Board of Education votes to keep curriculum questioning evolution

young-charles-darwinIn a vote that has liberals up in arms, the Texas Board of Education made up of 10 Republicans and 5 Democrats has voted to keep a high school biology curriculum that allows the questioning of the theory of evolution.The vote taken on Wednesday, February 1, is on a preliminary curriculum so a final vote will take place before a final decision is made in April.

In the preliminary vote, the Board left room for evolution to be questioned although it voted down a requirement that “all sides” be represented in the textbooks. Kathy Miller, president of the liberal Texas Freedom Network, is part of a contingency that called four parts of the curriculum into question. She has stated, “Teachers are practically begging the board to stop forcing them to waste classroom time on junk science standards that are based mostly on the personal agendas of board members themselves, not sound science…politicians just can’t seem to stop themselves from making teachers’ jobs harder.”

The four parts in question Miller refers to as junk science include a provision that all sides be considered for their take on scientific evidence to promote critical thinking, two provisions “exploring the complexity of human cells and the origins of life,” and a fourth provision that takes into account the Cambrian explosion in the fossil record where life forms suddenly appeared and left gaps in the fossil record that tend to act as evidence of the creation account in Genesis as opposed to the slow evolution process held to by Darwinists. A committee appointed by the board recommended these provisions be removed, but the Board kept all of them except the first.

Board member Barbara Cargill, the Republican who led the charge to keep the provisions, explained that she was successful because of a survey done and informal public comments submitted by teachers and leaders in the education industry urging they maintain critical thinking in the curriculum. The survey went so far as to ask if the respondents thought creation was being taught by the curriculum. Cargill said, “They’re just not thinking this way. It’s ridiculous. There’s been no lawsuits, no huge outcry that creation is being taught in the classroom.”

Evolutionists, like a majority of liberals, are fearful when philosophies and interpretations of data are presented that do not represent their own because it threatens the big picture of their agenda. That agenda includes the idea some people groups deserve to be in servitude to or made extinct by other people groups, that sin does not exist so we can do most or all the Bible tells us not to, that this life is all there is, that mankind evolved on their own and therefore does not answer to a Higher Power, and that life is hopeless and without purpose which makes science the most important part of life.

Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves Psalm 100:3


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