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A boy’s obedience saves his life, illustrates Christian readiness

map-of-fijiThis past Wednesday evening in the mainly Christian nation of Fiji, 43-yr-old Lekima called his 11-yr-old son, Joeli, into the house for family evening worship. The boy was out on their front porch doing his homework. He immediately walked into the house when his father called him in. Moments later, an out-of-control car sped through their front yard and rammed into their porch right where young Joeli was sitting.

Lekima said that had his son hesitated to come when called to prayer, he could have been killed by the vehicle, which stopped just a meter from where they were praying inside their home. He believes it was a miracle no one in his family got hurt.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for everyone in the car. The male driver had two female passengers and a male passenger with him. When the family rushed to their aid, the driver fled the scene. The two female passengers survived with some injuries, but the 30-yr-old male passenger was killed on impact. Police found the driver the next day and arrested him.

Most of the time, the majority of us believers, especially in the West, may not face such a dramatic experience when the Lord calls us to a moment of worship. Nevertheless, even when we obey with little or no hesitation, the result of that small act of obedience at a seemingly insignificant time may have an unforeseen impact–whether large or small–at some future time. That small act of obedience may just be what is needed to prepare us for, or deliver us from, a future incident.

I made haste, and delayed not to keep thy commandments. Psalm 119:60


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