The “Jesus was a refugee” argument is irrelevant

Race baiter Al Sharpton and his ego were in the news once again this week when he tweeted, “Before you head to church today, remember to thank God for his son, Jesus a refugee who fled to Egypt” to criticize President Trump’s call for preventing people from entering the US from seven Muslim nations until they had proper vetting. It didn’t take long for people to slam his tweet in response. Apart from the fact that President Trump is upholding the law as found in 8 U.S. Code §1101(a)(M)(iii)(42) which calls for the President and Cabinet members to make sure refugees are indeed refugees, the “Jesus is a refugee” argument is lame and inapplicable for several other reasons.camel-riders-pyramids

Refugee: one that flees; especially :  a person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution

One reason the argument is lame is that the looney left, like Sharpton, who use that argument really couldn’t care less about Jesus because they aren’t living by his doctrines and they persecute or reject, in some form or another, those who genuinely hold to his doctrines. It’s utter hypocrisy.

Another reason for it’s irrelevancy is that Bethlehem (where Herod sought to kill Jesus) and Egypt were both under one government–the Roman Empire. As such, subjects of the Roman Empire were free to move from one nation to another within the Empire without a whole lot of hassle. This is why, in order to simplify his census, Augustus ordered everyone back to their family estate to register.

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were peaceful, law-abiding Jews who were looking to dwell lawfully and peacefully in Egypt. Our times are different. We not only have a terrorist organization actively sending out killers pretending to be refugees to infiltrate other nations in hopes of committing violence, we also have people fleeing violent sharia cultures and who suffered in those environments, yet who still want to impose it on the places they flee to. No nation is ever obligated to welcome in those who intend to harm them. Any government that does is in violation of God’s purpose for them, according to Romans 13:3-4 where we are told God places people in power over nations to punish the evildoers and protect those who obey just laws that line up with his laws.

Still another obvious takeaway from the story of Jesus is that Joseph took them into the nation that was a close neighbor to their own. He knew that their move would only be temporary and he was living in anticipation of going back. Additionally, right before they fled to Egypt, they were visited by the Magi who showered them with gold, frankincense, and myrrh so when they fled to Egypt, they weren’t lacking in having their own resources to live off of.

I have no problems with the US taking in refugees since helping the downtrodden is a hallmark of not only Christianity, but any just society. However, when liberals have demonstrations to demand that laws be broken to accommodate everyone without any discernment regarding their intent or background (such as those who recently chanted, “No borders, no nations, stop the deportations!”) then their unjust expectations are a big problem for all law-abiding citizens. It becomes obvious that evil ulterior motives from their financial backers are in play.

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