Author & minister Diane Hoffmann says she has noticed something about a lot of churches. A large number of church leaders avoid discussing the end times with churchgoers or the unchurched despite the fact many have questions about it. Among the reasons given for avoidance of the topic are:

  1. Church leaders believe the Bible should not be taken literally when it comes to prophecies about end times.
  2. The book of Revelation has no major bearing on Christian beliefs since it is purely allegorical.
  3. Ministers aren’t trained in seminary or Bible school on how to cover such topics and aren’t interested in taking the time to expand their knowledge about it.

four-horsemen-of-the-apocalypse-paintingFor all the excuses that are given, Hoffmann believes one excuse gets to the heart of why discussing the end times is out of bounds to church leaders. Fear. Fear that running into the multiple interpretations of prophecies will stir up divisions, fear their lack of knowledge will become evident, fear of not being politically correct, etc.

Hoffmann points out that Revelation is not only doom and gloom, but it’s dominant theme is Christ’s hope and victory for his church. Since we are living in times where Bible prophecy is unfolding right before our eyes, she sees the discussion of end times as one of the strongest encouragements for us to live out our faith daily in preparation for Christ’s return. Fear should not be allowed to keep us from the blessings that are released when we expand our knowledge on what God says in his word about the end times.