Teen girl’s gut feeling saves man from house fire

house-fire“I kind of think that it was God speaking through me and that he needed help, and so I guess, God was working through me to help this man, and is very fortunate that me and my dad could be there or it would have been a lot worse.” That’s according to high school senior Hailey Streff. This past Sunday, when she finished helping her dad clean his office, she prodded him to go a different way home based on a feeling she had that maybe something wasn’t quite right.

Hailey saw smoke in the distance and wanted to take a closer look. Her father dismissed it as just someone burning, but that didn’t satisfy Hailey so when she continued to mention it to her father, he finally drove in the direction where the smoke was coming from. They were the first ones to arrive at the scene of a house on fire. Hailey’s dad immediately told her to dial 911.

Homeowner Lynn Ryan was at a friend’s house, but her husband was still home. While she made her way home after seeing smoke in the distance, Mr. Streff had run up to the home and ripped off a screen to see Mr. Ryan out of reach, but attempting to escape. It was only after the screen was ripped off by Streff that Terry Ryan was able to jump into Streff’s arms to escape the flames.

Their home was completely destroyed, but the Ryans are alive and well and have been receiving help from their South Dakota community.

In general, it’s not really a good idea to navigate one’s whole life based on gut feelings, but every once in a while a gut feeling can turn out to be a prompting from the Holy Spirit to make a move to make a difference in some way for God’s glory. The closer we get to the Lord through studying his word, prayer, etc., the more we become familiar enough with his voice to better distinguish when he is prodding us to do something. That type of ability will become more vital to the church the further we proceed into the last days as the rapture approaches. Sometimes his prodding will take us on what seems to be a detour, a totally different route than our normal routine or different from our expectations. But the outcome will be worth it.

I will hear what God the Lord will speak Psalm 85:8

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