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Digital images become perfect tool for biometric hacking

In 2014, a hacker made news when he was able to use electronic images of Germany’s Defense Minister to recreate a thumbprint and accurate retinal image that could be used to hack biometric authentication. All he needed were high resolution images taken with a digital camera and off-the-shelf software.  A study recently done in Japan reiterated the possibility of being hacked using digital images.

devil-horns-hand-signalIn the study, researchers found they could clone any person’s fingerprints if they had a photograph of them taken from a distance of 10 feet or less where the subject displayed the underside of their fingers or hand, such as when flashing the peace sign, devil’s horns, or bunny ears. It’s enough to make anyone hesitate about having photos posted of themselves on social media.

However, the engadget article featuring these findings points out that a hacker must “go through the process of building an accurate fingerprint from pictures; …make a passable mold of said fingerprint and, finally, gain physical access to your smartphone to make use of the thing,” thus, making the whole process too much of a hassle. Nevertheless, some hackers have a lot of time on their hands and are rather determined if they think the target is worth the hassle.

As technology continues to advance, the whole process of hacking someone’s biometrics will become that much easier, proving once again that pretty much anything man creates can be hacked–which brings me to technologies that are laying groundwork for the future mark of the beast. I won’t be here when the thing is implemented, thank the Lord, but in the book of Revelation we find out that although parts of the mark of the beast system will be biometric and many will die for not taking the mandatory mark (Revelation 20:4), the prophetic book also hints that many will survive the tribulation without accepting the mark (Revelation 15:2). Given the fact that humans are always resourceful enough to have a thriving underground market, and that biometric systems and all electronic systems are hackable, could it be that many of those who accept Christ during the tribulation and survive that period will be part of a huge hacker collective?


3 thoughts on “Digital images become perfect tool for biometric hacking

  1. Where does the scriptural text say that the mark of the beast will be “biometric”? Rather the text says that the mark will simply be his “name” or the “number” of his name. If one refuses this “etching/stamp/tattoo” they will not be able to buy or sell. Nothing about biometric in the text.


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