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NAACP hates Senator Sessions for telling truth about their origins

senator-jeff-sessionsThe NAACP is calling on Democrats to join them in an all-out war to stop US Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) from being the next US Attorney General, as selected by President-elect Donald Trump. Even though the senator fought to desegregate Alabama as a US attorney and also got the death penalty for a KKK member who murdered a black teen, they still want to label Sessions as racist because he called the NAACP (and the ACLU) “un-American” and “Communist-inspired.” When Sessions said this decades ago about the “civil rights” organization, he was actually speaking the truth.

The NAACP was founded by several people, but the most prominent and most influential of that group was W. E. B. Du Bois, an atheist. Along with NAACP founders Mary Ovington, William English Walling and Charles Edward Russell, Du Bois joined the Socialist Party of America in 1910. In his writings, Du Bois spoke highly of Marxism as the cure to the civil rights challenges of black Americans. Prior to joining the Socialist Party, in 1892 Du Bois did some graduate work in Berlin, Germany, where he befriended and studied under socialist collectivists Gustav von Schmoller and Adolph Wagner as well as liberal anti-Semite Heinrich von Treitschke.

Du Bois also supported liberal segregationist Woodrow Wilson for President and, along with NAACP co-founder Mary McLeod Bethune, befriended and supported eugenicist/abortionist Margaret Sanger. They helped Luciferian atheist Sanger start her “family planning” clinics in black communities in the North and the South, laying the foundation for her goals of diminishing the black population by killing their unborn babies. Du Bois’s and Bethune’s efforts to help Sanger are why so many Planned Parenthood Clinics are within or very near America’s inner city minority communities today. Du Bois believed Blacks in America were being held back economically because they were having too many kids, even though during his time most Blacks were born in wedlock and having kids in marriage is according to God’s command to strengthen families. Despite the fact he was a God-hating atheist, Du Bois was openly welcomed in many black churches simply because of his civil rights message.

It’s understandable that Blacks would want to start an organization to fight lynching, segregation, and racism, but the way the NAACP was established by embracing Marxism was not the way to go about it. Senator Sessions was right to label it “un-American” and “Communist-inspired.” Any African American concerned with Biblical truth and critical thinking should look past the race-baiting rhetoric of this organization and view it the same way.


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