Gretta Vosper, the minister of West Hill United Church in Toronto who made headlines for coming out as atheist, is planning to start a congregation for atheists in February 2017. Her decision comes months after a committee with the United Church of Canada deemed her unfit to serve as minister of their “Christian” church. But the church is dragging their feet on defrocking her–a decision that won’t be made until the latter part of 2017. In the meantime, she plans to stay on as minister of the congregation as she runs the secularist congregation that will be part of the Oasis network of secularist gatherings.

The creed of her church-like congregation will have five principles: ‘”people are more important than beliefs,” “reality is known through reason,” “human hands solve human problems,” “meaning comes from making a difference, and “be accepting and be accepted.”‘ Vosper says the new community will “distill the best elements of religion in a way that can allow them to be embraced by an increasingly secular world” to foster “the same benefits regular church-goers have experienced.”

Thus, atheist envy continues to expand even though there really is no such thing as an atheist since they know God exists, but use the religion of atheism as a cover because they love their sins. Acknowledging God’s existence means one must come face to face with the idea they need to repent of sin, so they love darkness rather than light lest their evil deeds should be reproved (John 3:19-20). What is really telling about West Hill United Church is the fact that Vosper was not dismissed immediately. That fact, in and of itself, reveals who the church is really about. If they were truly concerned about love for the spiritual wellbeing of the people who attend and about loving God enough to keep his commandments, why would they knowingly allow a wolf in sheep’s clothing–who makes money at their expense–to remain indefinitely among them? Obviously, they don’t care about 1 Timothy 3:2-13 or Titus 1:5-9 which lay out the qualifications for Christian church leaders.