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Salt Lake City atheist gathering copies the church

If you interact with an atheist long enough and are observant, you may notice one thing–they are full of contradictions. One popular idea that atheists in recent years tend to repeat is “church is boring and senseless, so you might as well stop going.” However, as a contradiction, the new atheist movement over the past few years has started up gatherings of their own. Presently, there are about 70 of them worldwide. The glaring contradiction is that they are patterned after churches.

creative-commons-photo-of-salt-lake-city-utahThe newest one has started in Salt Lake City. If church is so boring and they make fun of it, why would they go out of their way to copy it so closely? These gatherings call themselves “Assemblies,” they gather every week on Sundays, they open with music, have music at different intervals of their meetings, dismiss the children at a certain time to a different room for children’s activities, set aside time for a main speaker with a themed message,  have announcements, and close with upbeat music. They are even not ashamed to be called “church-like” in this source article. The gathering lasts 1 1/2 hours–the length of an average church service–before they dismiss to eat together.

And, yes, they also have a motto mimicking the Apostles Creed–“live better, help often, wonder more.” Organizer Nichelle Reed says, “We share the same ideals [as organized religion]; just take a different approach.” These assemblies are popping up to give people who forsake church and God a sense of community, given the fact such people are growing in number. Churches share part of the blame for it, but ultimately people are responsible themselves for their rejection of the one true God.

It’s obvious what’s at work behind this contradiction–envy. For all their criticisms against God’s church, they envy us and wish they could have what we have–just without having to submit to God to get it. So they created a cheap imitation. But cheap imitations can never supply the blessings that come from the Original. As they pretend to be happy and hopeful in their atheist Sunday Assembly, eventually they will reap emptiness since they place their trust in man and subjective, godless interpretations of science. The envy they used as an impetus to start their assembly will manifest itself in some ungodly ways among them.

This scenario reminds me of what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 10:12-13, “The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself. The beginning of the words of his mouth is foolishness: and the end of his talk is mischievous madness.”


10 thoughts on “Salt Lake City atheist gathering copies the church

  1. Fine decimation of milquetoast atheists – who certainly have a right to do whatever they want – but as a more “militant” atheist, I don’t think there is anything like “envy” that should be directed your utterly foolish, hectoring way – “utter disdain and contempt” is more like it.


    1. notabilia,

      Thanks for weighing in with your perspective. I believe the utter disdain and contempt you express is also based on envy coupled with fear that atheists tend to have. Atheists envy and fear the broad scope of influence Christ and his church have on such a large amount of people because they wish they had it. When they have had opportunities to wield such influence in the past, they mucked it up by killing millions via socialism. Then the truths in the Bible became much clearer to so many and that helped even more people run to Christ and his church. The vain pride that atheists have in themselves will end up weakening these “assemblies”–given enough time–since they deny the existence of moral absolutes even when they know those absolutes exist.


      1. Christ and “his church”: kind of like L. On Hubbard and his church?
        You are all on the same wavelength of baseless conjecture and mass propaganda.
        Yes, it is sad to see what has become of the promise of the scientific revolution, if only in this last redoubt of fascist Christianity – 90 million evangelicals and only 2-3 million atheists, though we are a tough bunch to deal with.
        I hope the churchy semi-atheists can have a good time at their gatherings – at least they do not have to listen to, or be around, the boring hectoring windbags you admit pepper your scene.


      2. notabilia,

        Scientology is a far cry from genuine Christianity–as any good critical thinker and researcher would know. The evidence proving the Bible’s truths is way beyond reasonable doubt. You should try looking into that sometime instead of just putting out opinions based on blind faith in atheism. Your comments prove that you believe God exists. Otherwise, you would not be able to make conclusions based on right vs. wrong or good vs. bad. There have to be universal moral absolutes made by someone greater than humans for you to draw such conclusions.

        You’re projecting when you call Christianity fascist since the best examples of fascists in history have been atheists–Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, etc.


      3. I think you know how absurd your claims are – the phrase “reasonable doubts” is the name of a atheist podcast, after all. “Blind faith” – another knee-slapper, buddy – you Christians ( and Scientologists -same boat) always betray your own anxieties in your public utterances.
        There is no god or gods, just us orbiting the immensity of space on this blue orb.
        Morality is the province of philosophy and secular ethics, and, yes, I am projecting “Christianity” as being a good companion to fascism, as it has proven to be (“Gott mit uns,” Mussolini and his Popes, Billy Graham and Nixon, your Duce Trump and whatever dupe preacher certified his farcical evangelical bona fides).
        Neither Lenin, nor Stalin, nor Castro can even remotely be termed “fascists.”
        I don’t think there’s much hope for you, my man.


      4. notabilia,

        Scientology, like atheism, is based on lies. Christianity has been shown to be true historically, scientifically, and spiritually, so I point you to this link as Exhibit A. Then this link is Exhibit B. And last, but not least, Exhibit C.

        If morality were the province of philosophy and secular ethics then how could you accuse me of lying and be correct? Secular ethics says it’s okay to murder unborn fetuses by abortion. But pure science shows that the unborn fetus is an individual human as proven by its own unique human DNA, so abortion is taking innocent life even in the first trimester. Universal objective moral absolutes say it’s wrong to murder innocent life. But the fact that you imply you hate lies puts you in agreement with the Bible. And as I said to another commenter, by arguing against something you believe to be a lie, you’re saying we should focus our minds on the truth. Well, the Bible says that’s what God wants (Philippians 4:8)–even though it’s you who are actually focused on lies.

        You’re arguing with me because you assume I’m ignorant and you obviously hate ignorance. Well, you’re agreeing with the Bible because it says that God’s will is for us to do works that put to silence the ignorance of foolish men (1 Peter 2:15). Although you’re incorrect about me being ignorant. Don’t you think it strange you would claim to disagree with what the Bible says then turn around and confirm what it says by your very statements? So since you’ve contradicted yourself, your statements are what can be dismissed as lies.

        You’re also ignorant of history. The underlying Marxism of new atheism was started by the Vatican (Karl Marx: A Life by Francis Wheen). The RCC is not Christian, they just pretend to be. Mussolini was an atheist Jesuit propped up by the Vatican. As was Hitler. Nixon can’t be labeled a fascist since he doesn’t fit the definition and Congress was about the put the kabosh on him if he didn’t resign. Trump is not even in office yet, so he doesn’t fit the definition either. And he won’t because we have a Congress and a Supreme Court to keep him in check.

        So it’s you who doesn’t have a grip on what fascism is since Lenin, Stalin, and Castro all met the definition.


      5. You’ve got a future in comedy: “We have a Congress and a Supreme Court to keep him check.” Rimshot!
        “Fascism” is a term that has many definitions, not just one clickable link.
        Bertram Gross wrote an excellent book entitled “Friendly Fascism,” about how big-business/big military-big everything else has coalesced into its mutant American form, and that certainly looks strengthened to this day.
        Your extreme and bizarre positions are evidence of the immorality, deviousness, and anti-humanity effects of religious belief. You will persist in your anti-woman, anti-rational views, and will keep shouting at those kids to “get off my lawn,” but you’ll just have to take that anti-social anger with you to the grave.


      6. @notabilia,

        [“Fascism” is a term that has many definitions, not just one clickable link.]

        In other words, “I’m an elitist, atheist liberal that’s superior to you, so fascism can mean whatever I want it to mean. Especially when I want to spew my hatred against people who don’t believe as I do.” And your statement proves that you’re not willing to consider the evidence that exposes your lies. If you had actually clicked on the link, you would have found several definitions for fascism, not just one. If one clickable link from a valid source leads to several definitions, your statement is pointless and can be dismissed.

        Spare me the lecture and conjecture on mutant American forms when the new atheist movement funded by people like billionaire atheist George Soros and backed by the Vatican are the very causes of it. You hate the very idea of free-market capitalism while embracing the oppressive misanthropic hatred of Marxism. Marxism promotes big government which is just as much a problem as big business. Your “mutant American forms” are cronyism, not true capitalism. And cronyism is propped up by socialists like Soros using people puppets and sheeple such as yourself to attack American freedoms and the Constitution in an effort to destroy America. Trump is trying to do the opposite, which makes him anti-fascist. That’s why you hate him and those who support him.

        All in all you’re projecting–a common tool of liberals. Atheists have proven themselves to be immoral, devious, anti-woman (which is why they murder so many unborn female infants in Communist China), anti-rational, and misanthropes. They killed the most people in the 20th century–even more than the misanthropic Islamists–and started both World Wars, the Korean War, and Vietnam War. And an atheist assassinated President Kennedy. That’s proven, historical fact. The list of atheists who used or use fascism along with Communism, socialism, and other warped principles to kill include: Gavril Princip (the Black Hand), Mao Zedong, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Nikolae Ceausescu, Hitler, Mussolini, Choibalsan of Mongolia, Mengistu of Ethiopia, Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-Un, Bierut of Poland, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy. So stop with the projecting already.


      7. Carl Paladino, is that you?
        Trump is an “anti-fascist” – that is the funniest thing I’ve read about this whole misbegotten parade of dunces and morons. Ross, Pruitt, Bannon, Perry, Devos, on down the evil line – such principled fighters for the People, right?
        In all of your tin-foil hat splutterings, you did get one thing right – all of us atheists do have a signed picture of “Choibalsan of Mongolia” on our command screens. How did you know?


      8. Careful, notabilia. Your atheist envy and fear are showing. Your criticisms of Trump’s picks are typical of a person with blind faith who, like a sheeple, believes all the fake news they view in the mainstream media. But apart from that, in my previous comments, I’ve given all kinds of links to show how true the Bible is historically, scientifically, and spiritually, yet all you do is come back with insults and zero sources to prove me incorrect. Like all atheists, you throw up smokescreens and diversions to hide the fact you pretend to reject God’s existence when you know he exists. His existence, when given all the facts I previously shared, is undeniable. It’s coded inside of every human being down to their very DNA.

        But you’re so in love with your sin, although it obviously makes you miserable inside–as evidenced by your comments to me. Anyone who lives with your envy, fear, and hatred cannot be anything but miserable. That’s why you need Jesus to save you from all of that so you can experience his joy. Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven. That’s why, despite our many failings, we can still move forward in sharing the gospel that changes lives for the better. Our message, shared through fallible human messengers, is still powerful enough to sway people to serve our Lord because of who our Lord is and his infallible message of freedom from sin’s slavery. You know you need Jesus, so why do you keep kicking against his pricking your conscience about it when it only brings you misery?

        Atheism is about hurling death and misery at people. History is indisputable about that. Jesus came to give you life more abundantly. So I’ll end with another short list of the atheist legacy. Julia Gillard is the atheist former Prime Minister of Australia. When she took office from 2010 to 2013, she implemented carbon taxes to combat “global warming”/”climate change”–a fairy tale made up by atheist socialists to force their socialism on the masses. Those carbon taxes severely weakened Australia’s economy, shrunk the middle class, and expanded poverty. So she had to be voted out.

        Margaret Sanger, atheist founder of Planned Parenthood, was a Marxist and eugenicist and someone who admired and was admired by her fellow atheist Hitler. She was all for murdering unborn innocent humans via abortion-on-demand for the sake of preserving the globalist blue-bloods. Despite science proving the unborn are 100% living humans, her followers still demand death to the innocents and callousness toward humans, making money from selling unborn baby body parts.

        Then we have Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the atheist who advocated for death on demand for the elderly, the sick, or for anyone who just felt bad about themselves simply because they had personal problems. That’s why I say atheists are misanthropes–haters of humans.


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