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Author exposes Communist agenda of environmentalists to indoctrinate children

mountain-waterfallAuthor Holly Swanson recently did a video interview with Alex Newman at to sound the alarm about environmentalists’ plans to “impose a Communist model of education within [America’s] school system … which would create a national political indoctrination program” to teach our children to embrace Communism and implement the changes by brainwashing them in the public schools. Years ago, Swanson attended environmental conferences because she was concerned about what was happening in logging areas, with spotted owls, and other issues with the environment. She discovered that instead of encouraging legitimate policies to help farmers, loggers, and miners work together with interested parties (including the government) to preserve land and water, the movement was focused solely on how to impose a political agenda by putting farmers, loggers, miners, and ranchers out of business to take control of their properties and destroy freedoms.

According to Swanson, environmentalists wish to change the “cultural, religious, social, economic, and political structure of our nation through education.” In the approximately 7-minute video linked above, she lays out what parents and concerned citizens can do to counteract the environmentalist agenda.


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