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Black man is arrested for “Vote Trump” Mississippi church arson

andrew-mcclintonA Mississippi church that was burned at the beginning of November and vandalized with the words “Vote Trump” set off a firestorm in the liberal media about how racist Trump supporters were and investigators suspected it was a hate crime, even though residents who live nearby were skeptical and were convinced it was probably a local who wanted to make it look like a hate crime. Now we know it was just another person looking to put Trump supporters in a bad light. 45-yr-old Andrew McClinton, a black man with a long criminal history and a member of the church, has been charged with burning up the church and vandalizing it.

Investigation of the case is still ongoing and investigators have not given any indication as to what the motive for the crime really was. They did state however that it is believed McClinton wanted to make the crime appear to be politically motivated to hide his real purpose. McClinton will be arraigned in court later today to enter his plea.

The church received overwhelming support from liberals and conservatives in a GoFundMe effort that exceeded what they need to rebuild their house of worship.

Wrongfully blaming a people group and framing them for something they didn’t do is nothing new, but we live in times where it is a popular modus operandi, especially against Jews and Christians. As we draw closer to the great tribulation, people looking to establish one world governance will use such methods to place Christians, the nation of Israel, and those who wish to do right by them in a bad light. Which is why it’s best not to rush to judgment without critical thinking skills and proper investigatory procedures put in place. It reminds me of the book of Esther and how Haman lied about the Jews to King Ahasuerus in an effort to destroy them. And just like Haman, those who wish to destroy God’s people will ultimately fail.


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