The confused, mixed-up books of Enoch

shell-gameSome people in Christian circles would have us believe that the Book of Enoch was accepted as scripture by Christ’s followers when he started his church and that it was accepted as part of God’s word by Jewish saints before that. However, that is a falsehood. The leaders of both the Old Testament and New Testament church were so devoted to their Lord, Jehovah, and his words that the inconsistencies, errors, and bad doctrine in the Book of Enoch would have been obvious to them. The errors are at times so blatant that it becomes crystal clear Enoch could not have written the book, which renders the author unknown. Therefore, given the errors and an unknown author, it would have been rejected as canon.

It was written by someone who couldn’t even get some simple historical facts straight, contradicting the Bible in several places. Some of those mistakes are the following:

(1)  In the first Book of Enoch, it has Enoch and Noah, the son of Lamech, as contemporaries (1 Enoch 10, 12). Given an estimation of the Bible’s early historical timeline, Enoch would have been born around 3494 BC, give or take a few years. Noah was born in about 3060 BC, give or take a few years. Genesis 5:23 says that Enoch was on Earth 365 years before God caught him up to heaven. That means he would have been gone by the time Noah was born (3494 – 365 = 3129 BC). Enoch and Noah weren’t around at the same time.

(2) 1 Enoch 10:6-7 says that the angels ruined the Earth. God’s word says it’s man’s fault that sin came into the world, bringing a curse on the Earth (Genesis 3:17; Romans 5:12).

(3) 1 Enoch 13:7 talks about the land of Dan and its location southwest of Hermon. The real Enoch in the Bible existed before the flood in Genesis. Israel did not exist at that time and there would not have been any land of Dan, which was one of the 12 tribes. Mount Hermon would not have existed either since the flood was such a catastrophic event, the post-flood world would not have been like the antediluvian (pre-flood) world.

(4) 1 Enoch spreads the false doctrine that angels mated with humans to create giants and evil spirits. The Bible says angels don’t mate at all and that the creatures God created to mate can only reproduce their own kind (Genesis 1:24, 8:17).

(5) 2 Enoch 1 says Enoch had Methuselah when he was 165. Genesis says Methuselah was born when Enoch was 65.

(6) 2 Enoch is a discussion of Enoch’s translation into heaven and he gives details about what he saw when God took him up. The Bible says when Enoch was taken up to heaven by God, “he was not” (Genesis 5:24) and “was not found” (Hebrews 11:5) after his translation into heaven, so he didn’t write anything that would exist on Earth depicting what happened after he was caught up to heaven.

(7) In 2 Enoch 24:5, the “Lord” said he “found no peace” as he moved about in the invisible things before he created visible things. The God of the Bible is not only the God of peace (Romans 15:33), he is peace (Isaiah 9:6; Ephesians 2:14).

(8) In 3 Enoch 1:3, “Rabbi Ishmael”, who was caught up to heaven to meet Enoch, cries out “Lord of the Universe, I pray thee, that the merit of Aaron, the son of Amram, the lover of peace and pursuer of peace, who received the crown of priesthood from Thy Glory on the mount of Sinai, be valid for me in this hour, so that Qafsiel*, the prince, and the angels with him may not get power over me nor throw me down from the heavens.” According to the Bible, no one can get to heaven and remain there unless they call on the name of the Lord Jesus. It’s not based on the “merit of Aaron”, but on God’s grace by faith. Once we are in heaven or on the way via Jesus Christ, no one has the power to throw us down from heaven, according to the scriptures (John 6:37; 10:28-29; Romans 8:34-39). No one anywhere in the universe has the power to take us out of the love that places us in God’s kingdom.

Spiritually speaking, the Book of Enoch is in no way profitable to the saints of God. That’s why it’s not in the Bible.

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