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A new day for Opus Dei?

opus-dei-logo-under-creative-commonsOpus Dei, the Roman Catholic secret society that publicly touts itself as a Catholic service organization, may be about to undergo some changes as Pope Francis I today expressed his condolences to its members over the death yesterday of 84-yr-old Bishop Javier Echevarria who led them. Echevarria headed the organization for approximately 20 years. Much has been accomplished by Opus Dei, especially since Vatican II in the 1960s.

Under Echevarria, Opus Dei helped the Vatican move forward by leaps and bounds on its ecumenism. For example, they helped strengthen ties between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Vatican, between the Greek Orthodox Church and the Vatican, and between other Orthodox churches and the Vatican. In addition, Opus Dei helped solidify the 1990s agreement called Evangelicals and Catholics Together under Echevarria with Pentecostal Charismatics openly hopping aboard the ecumenical train in the past few years, including singer Darlene Zshech, Don Moen, televangelists Kenneth Copeland and James Robison, and many other well-known or not-so-well known Christians.

How, exactly, did Opus Dei help bring all of this about? By their ongoing campaign of infiltrating churches and Christian parachurch organizations, believing that infiltrations are their service for God. Taking their cues and tactics from the ancient religion of Baal worship, their goal is to coax non-Catholic churches into submitting to the Vatican, by hook or by crook. It’s part of the whole Baal system, which started at the Tower of Babel (where Babylon was founded). In Revelation, when Jesus warned the churches about the doctrines of Balaam and Jezebel, it was also a prophecy about Baalism being welcomed into the churches of the last days. Both Balaam and Jezebel were not only named after Baal, they worshiped Baal. All false religions are its offshoots, and in Revelation 2:20, 24, Jesus tells us that Satan is the person behind Baal worship.

Opus Dei has many methods of infiltration, and a thorough outline of those methods can be found at this link. This is a good reminder that the enemy rarely lets up, and it behooves us to always remember we are in a continual, consistent spiritual war that requires us to have our spiritual tools and weapons always within prayerful reach. This is especially true since the most liberal Pope of postmodern history stands ready to approve a new leader for Opus Dei.


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