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How I get more grace and peace in my life

tranquil-water-and-forest-used-under-creative-commonsWhen I got saved through God’s grace by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, God allowed me access to all the grace and peace I could ever need. But I may not experience all the grace and peace I have access to, depending on how I respond to the Lord in our relationship. Yes, I have all the grace and peace necessary for salvation to keep me saved, but when I consider that grace is not only God’s unmerited favor on me–that it is also God’s Holy Spirit power in me to do what he calls me to do and be what he calls me to be–then I must understand that grace and peace can grow and multiply in my life beyond just what I need for salvation.

Peter was kind enough to show me in God’s word how that can happen. According to what he said in 2 Peter 1:2, grace and peace can be multiplied to me through the knowledge of God–the knowledge of the Lord Jesus. The multiplying of his grace and peace through that knowledge is in accordance to his divine power giving me everything I need regarding life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).

Since the Lord and I are in a relationship, he fulfilled his end of it by granting me access to more grace and peace, but it’s my personal responsibility to grow in his knowledge in order for me to experience more grace and peace. Contained in that knowledge, according to his divine power, are “exceeding great and precious promises” that help me have a part in his divine nature since he helped me escape the corruption of the world (2 Peter 1:4).

Those precious promises are so exceeding great, I won’t be able to discover all of them while I’m trapped in my corruptible, mortal body (1 Corinthians 13:12), but I can still discover a great deal if I give diligence to add to my faith virtue (pure, godly lifestyle), then add to that virtue even more knowledge, and add temperance (self-control) to that knowledge, then allow temperance to reap more patience in me, and to that patience I add godliness, and to that godliness I add brotherly kindness, and to that brotherly kindness I add charity (unconditional Christian love)(2 Peter 1:5-8).

My determination to ensure this whole process takes place in my life will help me to display the fruit of the Spirit in abundance as I absorb the knowledge of my Lord Jesus (2 Peter 1:8), which in turn will cause his grace and peace to be multiplied to me. Allowing myself or anyone else (including friends, family, teacher, preacher) to lead me away from virtue or self-control or any of the other things Peter mentions would be a great disservice to my walk with God and would only end up hurting me spiritually. That would have a ripple effect of hurting others, especially in the body of Christ. I think I would much rather experience God’s power multiplied in me along with the greater peace that goes with it.


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