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This is YUGE! America chooses a Trump presidency over Clinton, Soros, and the MSM

The hard work begins now after Donald Trump’s long battle with Clinton, Soros, the MSM, and social media and their censorship ends with his victory. I had been praying and fasting Monday and Tuesday for this, and yes, in spite of that I had some doubts. So I apologized to God for the doubts and thanked him for listening to the prayers of his people. I will continue to pray for Mr. Trump and that he will move forward on the things he promised (as those of us who voted for him do our part), especially in his first 100 days, and in particular for the border wall and the immigration situation, the Supreme Court justice nominee, and restoring relations with Israel–among my many other hopes–and that Congress will get to work as well. They are human and are prone to mistakes, so may God’s wisdom help them and their staffs through the next four years. May God bless America. As an African American, I was so proud of the way Trump reached out and showed concern for every American’s troubles, even the ones who weren’t in his corner. Here is Trump’s victory speech as broadcast on CSPAN:


2 thoughts on “This is YUGE! America chooses a Trump presidency over Clinton, Soros, and the MSM

  1. Well said. The elites, especially the media, threw everything at Donald Trump they could, but it is so funny, the American people saw right through their endless bias and elected him anyway. He is not perfect but a vast improvement from the scary second half of the Clinton gruesome twosome. It is interesting that when Abraham Lincoln first ran for President, the Democratic / Catholic press threw everything they could at him but he still won and I think Mr. Trump borrowed a little from him in his acceptance speech when he spoke of binding up wounds. Regarding Clinton, I recommend the book by the excellent British investigative journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Washington bureau chief of the Sunday Telegraph, a large British broadsheet newspaper, when Bill Clinton was President. His book is entitled, “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton”.
    Hillary has been politically joined at the hip to her husband Bill for decades and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard documents the Clintons’ scandals and crimes, which the mainstream news media haven’t wanted people to know about. I think it is so hilarious that Hillary got her tush / plans handed to her and the elites, especially the media, showed they don’t have a clue, so funny, a great night last night and a wonderful answer to prayer.


  2. Paul,

    Thanks for the reminder about what the great Abraham Lincoln went through. All the negativity Trump faced was very similar. I didn’t know to what degree Lincoln endured such vitriol from the press until several years ago when I visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. Americans saw through their nonstop character assassinations with Lincoln as they did with Trump. Sad part is, most of the naysayers don’t learn from their mistakes so they will continue to attack him throughout his presidency, which is why I’ll remember him in my prayers for God’s protection for him and his household through his administration. The street violence the Clinton crowd unleashed on Trump supporters, reminiscent of Hitler’s tactics, will now hopefully fizzle out.


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