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Washington Post columnist scoffs at people who blame New World Order for ills

Although she failed to give full disclosure that the Washington Post has a long history of attending Bilderberg Group meetings, author/columnist Arlie Russell Hochschild of the Washington Post went on a diatribe today to unleash a typical liberal mocking of tea party conservatives and Trump supporters who think the Bilderberg Group are unleashing the New World Order to target them. Up for a possible National Book Award for her book, “Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right,” Hochschild proceeded to paint Trump supporters as old, white, racist, religious Southerners who are watching the sun set on their golden age of power.

To back her opinions, she called on a study conducted by two political scientists at liberal institutions (J. Eric Oliver of the University of Chicago and Thomas J. Wood of Ohio State University) to back her claim that people who think the Bilderberg Group and the New World Order are out to get them simply have “the anxiety of feeling far from the center of power” and are “likely to be less educated and to work in jobs with lower prestige and income.” Basically, Hochschild is your typical elitist liberal who looks down on people who don’t fall in line with her elitist view of the world and who is most likely up for the National Book Award because she covers for the liberal cabal. So she dismisses such beliefs among conservatives as “paranoid” and unfounded “rumors” from people obsessed with blaming everyone else, despite the fact there is a wealth of proof to show beyond any reasonable doubt that the shenanigans of the Bilderbergers and their part in the New World Order is very real.

Right away, her claims can be dismissed as biased since her employer, the Washington Post, is in bed with and is owned by Bilderbergers, so she can’t possibly speak from a position of neutrality. Secondly, given her profile of Trump supporters, it’s obvious she hasn’t gone to a Trump rally or even looked at one on television or has even considered the types of experts Trump has working with him on his campaign. I personally am an educated, middle class African American who supports Trump who knows of Trump supporters coming from a variety of backgrounds. The New World Order and its Bilderberg Group and its other entities are a cat that’s been out of the bag for a long time now and Hochschild’s attempt at denial to put the cat back in the bag looks like either a desperate attempt by someone who is their flunky, at best, or is out-of-touch with reality, at worst. Bottom line–it’s the typical liberal lie and deny.

What could possibly be the goal of this lie and deny? Ultimately, the same as closeted Satanists who in public deny Satan’s existence. It’s easier to get people to buy into and bow down to your agenda when you deny your agenda, especially if the people you’re duping are already rebelling against God and his truth. This is how people will be persuaded to worship Satan and embrace the mark of the beast in the future.


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