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Trump’s not perfect, but he apologized. Time to move forward.

american-flag-waving-in-the-windWhat kind of nation will America be in the future? That is the real nature of the 2016 US presidential election. As in any election, mudslinging and one-upping is part of the game. So voters must think about what is really important, as opposed to what the mainstream media (MSM) wishes to brainwash us into thinking is important when they send us a flood of feigned outrage over what Donald Trump said in secret 11 years ago.

Yes, his words were disgusting and disrespectful. But he has given a sincere apology for it. It’s time to move back to focusing on the issues, not MSM distractions. Besides, what’s really more deplorable? A man who said some disgusting off-collar words about women or a woman who has broken the law then had the FBI make weak excuses to let her off the hook? A man who expresses himself in ways we don’t agree with or a woman who callously caused the deaths of four Americans on foreign soil when they could have been saved? A successful businessman who has taken advantage of what is afforded him under the law (e.g. tax breaks) or a career politician who wants to continue Obama’s policies of violating the Constitution while Congress lets her get away with it?

Speaking of Congress, I find it ironic that some Republican leaders turn on and dump Trump so easily when they have passed on plenty of opportunities given them under the Constitution and federal law to reign in an out-of-control, Constitution-violating, power-hungry President occupying the White House. Trump isn’t the one who is selling America out. Talk about utter Washington hypocrisy.

The feigned outrage over Trump is also outrageous for many Americans in their condemnation after he apologized. After all, as they condemn Trump they turn right around to their electronic devices and download and indulge in all types of ungodly porn which (even though they don’t notice it) has a negative effect on how they view women, children, and even men. And they get off on actors who say much worse things about women in those movies than Trump did. Hypocrisy.

That’s why I stand with columnist Bruce Bialosky who wrote a column today about why he is sticking with Trump no matter what. It’s about the policies that will “affect our day-to-day lives.”


3 thoughts on “Trump’s not perfect, but he apologized. Time to move forward.

  1. Trump is “repugnant”. Thankfully I live in a state, California, in which I am not “forced” to vote for such a repugnant fellow because (unfortunately” the state goes “blue” no matter.


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