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The God of all grace perfects, stablishes, strengthens, and settles me

rain-or-shine-creative-commons-by-net_efektJob was spot on when he said, “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble,” (Job 14:1). That’s life. But thank God he also blesses us with periods of ease and enjoyable times. What’s even more comforting is knowing that if we are genuine Christians, God will always be present with us and within us even when life may prove to be more challenging simply because of our Christian faith. I was reminded of this when reading 1 Peter 5.

Towards the end of that chapter, we can see a picture of how we truly are in partnership with our Lord in our relationship with him. If we do our part, even in the smallest ways, God will show up on our behalf in a big way. For example, after Peter commands us to be sober, vigilant, and resist the devil with steadfast faith (1 Peter 5:8-9) because the devil is on the prowl like a lion, he reminds us of what God will do for us as a result of that.

We serve the God of all grace. He not only gives us the grace, or undeserved favor, that brings us salvation, but he also provides the type of grace to help us navigate through the times when Satan seeks to devour us. Just for the simple fact that he has called us by Jesus Christ to partake of eternal glory (1 Peter 5:10), he is not only obligated but has the desire to help us to that eternal destiny. That’s why even when we “have suffered a while” with Satan’s attacks, whether we successfully resisted him or gave in to a temptation or endured a trial that was no fault of our own, the God of all grace will use his power to make us perfect.

Each time we go through something as believers, God has placed in us the power to use it for our benefit to bring us a step closer to the spiritual perfection that awaits us in the future. Along with that perfection, he will stablish (stabilize) us, spiritually strengthen us, and settle us to the point where we cannot be shifted away from him. This is why it is impossible for us to lose our salvation and why it is impossible for a genuine Christian to be converted to another religion.

Not only is the Lord the real brains behind the operation, he’s also the brawn that does most of the heavy lifting. That makes him the majority partner who is most reliable. I consider it an honor to be in partnership with him, even if the devil and his people hate me for it. The benefits he offers far surpass anything the roaring lion does. God of all grace, after I have suffered a while in this life, saturate me with your perfection as you stablish, strengthen, and settle me according to your word by Christ Jesus.


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