Experts in Spain report first ever confirmed victim of “devil’s breath” mind control drug

angelstrumpetflickrarriabelli-under-creative-commonsMajorca (Mallorca), Spain, has been confirmed as having the first scientifically proven victim of the mind control drug known as “devil’s breath”, which is called burundanga in Spain.  The drug, pharmaceutically called scopolamine, originates from South America, especially Colombia, and is derived from the Brugmansia shrub which is also known as the “angel’s trumpet.”

The 36-yr-old Spanish woman who fell victim several months ago was targeted by her ex-boyfriend. She was rushed to a hospital with dilated pupils, slurred speech, confusion, and no recollection of what happened to her. The hospital followed its protocol of obtaining a blood sample from the victim to send it to an agency for testing. It was determined by police investigation that her ex bought the drug over the Internet to, as implied in the story, sexually assault her. The confirmation of the drug in her system was recently reported in a Spanish medical journal.

Scopolamine was traditionally used in Central and South America by shamans in their occultic practices. Spanish authorities are warning that its use in Spain is on the rise and it’s becoming more easily accessible because of the Brugmansia plant’s popularity in gardens all over Europe. Victims in Spain are being targeted with the drug for sexual assaults and robberies. Robbery victims are mainly the elderly. Their cases are difficult to investigate since burundanga is odorless and colorless, can be used undetected in food or beverages, and puts people in a zombie mental state where they do whatever they are commanded to do by perpetrators and come out of their high with no memory of what happened with the only evidence available of the crime being missing money or items in robberies or the physical effects of sexual assault.


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