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Facebook to “source” (censor?) questions for next US presidential debate

clintontrumpdebateJust days after Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz pledged $20 million to US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to defeat Trump, it was announced Wednesday night, Sept. 14, that Facebook will field questions for the candidates in the next presidential debate. That debate will be moderated by ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper. The commission in charge of the debate claims that the moderators will not be under any obligation to use the questions that Facebook passes on and that Facebook’s inclusion is part of an initiative to encourage tech companies to become more involved in debates.

Full disclosure–as someone who has been targeted by Facebook’s censorship, I have a bias tipped against them even though I have a Facebook page tied to this blog. The involvement in presidential candidate events of yet another entity biased in favor of Clinton (after NBC’s Matt Lauer who had ties to the Clinton Foundation), I’m wondering if the New World Order (NWO) types care any more about pretending not to have their biases or hide how they rig events. If I didn’t know my Almighty Heavenly Father, I might feel hopelessly lost in a fixed Matrix. I thank God he works around, over, and through the machinations of men who mistakenly think they are gods.

But back to Facebook’s involvement, it’s interesting to note that Facebook’s Zuckerberg made an agreement with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a Bilderberger, to curb any talk on its social media platform that goes against her open borders immigration policies. Between that and Moskovitz’s backing of Hillary, another Bilderberg puppet, it’s obvious that Facebook kowtows to and is part of the NWO globalists. When you consider also that Facebook employees were exposed for manipulating their news trends to suppress conservative views and that Facebook pretended to solve that issue by turning their trends over to an algorithm instead of human editors, it becomes clear they’re all about smokescreens and rigging things, just like their other NWO partners.

Just as a side note, a recent study of algorithm outputs showed that those algorithms reflected the biases of their human programmers, hence algorithms can exacerbate instead of alleviate hatred towards certain people groups. And considering that my Facebook page is still rigged to hide my true stats and possibly to hamper the distribution of my posts, their promises to a group of conservatives in May not to censor conservative views was yet another smokescreen. That’s why I expect the next presidential debate to be fixed towards Hillary, especially if Facebook’s questions are used.


3 thoughts on “Facebook to “source” (censor?) questions for next US presidential debate

  1. One: I like how you said you knew God, you did not use the word believe, there is a difference in knowing and believing. I too know the Lord, therefore I do not refer to myself as a believer.
    Second: I love reading your post because you recognize the (one world order) forming.
    Third: I like your name Son & Shield, It speaks volumes.
    I enjoyed this post, it enlighten me to see things again, in another area.
    I personally feel it is like a Thanksgiving dinner, It is all on the stove and in the oven cooking, ready to be served, all about the same time.

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