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Coptic Egyptian teens convicted of mocking Islam in video flee to Switzerland

egyptmap_tno_101807In 2015, four teen Egyptian boys who were at a Christian youth retreat were filmed playing around on a video their teacher recorded on his phone. The video was 32 seconds long and, according to the teacher, was done to pan the room to get a short glimpse of some of the kids in attendance at the retreat. For a few seconds as one of the boys allegedly pretended to do a Muslim prayer, one of his friends came behind him and pretended to slit his throat. The other two boys shook their friends’ hands and just waved to the camera right afterwards.

The teacher lost track of his phone sometime later and it was picked up and viewed by a Muslim who found it. The video was then reported to the authorities and all you-know-what broke loose when mobs went to the boys’ homes to hunt them down to kill them. When the boys made it to authorities to turn themselves in (thinking it would be the safest way to handle the situation), they were repeatedly beaten in prison, barely fed, suffered through attempts at forcing them to convert to Islam, and witnessed open, frequent drug use in a jail housing grown men that wasn’t meant for kids.

During their ordeal, the now 17 and 18 years old boys credit the Lord with protecting them from losing their lives by working through several prisoners who had compassion on them in jail by keeping them safe when they could and giving them decent food when they could. They refused to convert. When they were eventually released on bond and found out their teacher was banished from his town, they went into hiding as their trial, conviction, and sentencing went forward without them present.

Though they sought help from the UN, it was private Christian human rights organizations that helped them after they were able to sneak out of Egypt into Turkey. They are now safe and seeking asylum in Switzerland. The boys claim when they made the video, they didn’t know who the Islamic State was and their video had nothing to do with any beheadings video by the terrorist group. According to them, the attorney who represented them made up everything that was reported in the news about their video and none of it was true.

To find out more about the harrowing experiences of these young men and how God’s hand helped them survive their darkest hours, read their story at this link–>

May God’s grace, peace, love, and mercy through Jesus Christ continue to strengthen these guys. If they survived what they did, the Lord must have even greater works for them to accomplish.

 Deliver me in thy righteousness, and cause me to escape: incline thine ear unto me, and save me. Ps. 71:2

But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another… Mat. 10:23



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