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Lebanese Muslims meet Jesus while aiding refugees

Christian Aid Mission, an organization that helps Christians abroad be missionaries to their own people, reports that the Christian church is growing in unforeseen ways. As refugees flee armed conflicts started by Syrian rebels and ISIS, Muslims in Lebanon who have become aid workers to help the refugees are converting to Christ and forsaking Islam.


Many of the formerly Muslim aid workers have said they have gone to some of the most dangerous places to help refugees before their conversion, yet in spite of their lives being at risk, Christ somehow made his protective presence known to them and has given them comfort even in dangerous situations. That is how they ended up on their path to converting.

The Lord is using both males and females to spread his word. One illiterate female ministry worker, after her conversion, has started five female prayer groups using audio media to share God’s word and boldly shares the gospel with unbelievers who cross her path. A recently converted Lebanese man who fled his hometown was moved to return there to share the gospel of Christ with the Muslim community despite the dangers. He now heads a ministry there from his home where he regularly hosts eight people for prayer service.

In another instance, two people who converted and started working together in ministry decided to go to the people in war-torn Syria instead of waiting for refugees to come to the areas where they minister. They are also illiterate and also use audio media to share God’s word. Even though they had been warned about the dangers in Syria, they felt a strong persuasion from the Lord that Syria is where he wants them to be.

The spiritual darkness, hopelessness, and violent persecution of all people in ISIS-controlled or ISIS-attacked areas in the name of the false god Allah is serving to push more people towards the light of the glorious gospel of Christ.

Source: Chiqui Guyjoco, Muslims in Lebanon turn to Jesus Christ as they minister to Syrian refugees, The Christian Times, August 26, 2016.



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