Seal_of_the_US_Air_ForceMajor Steve Lewis of the US Air Force had a complaint filed against him last week prompted by Mikey Weinstein’s militant atheist group, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, after a Bible was seen open on his desk. Citing the ruling against a Marine who displayed Bible verses in her work area, the MRFF complained that Maj. Lewis was violating the Establishment Clause by having an open Bible present and that he as well as his commanding officer should be “aggressively punished” for his years-long habit of displaying an open Bible with highlighted verses.

The Air Force investigated after Lewis voluntarily removed his Bible when he received notification of the investigation. They concluded that Lewis’s open Bible was “no abuse of liberties” and was “well within the provisions” for religious expression according to Air Force regulations.

In response to the decision, atheist Weinstein expressed his anger and disappointment and asked the inspector general for the Defense Department to do something about the “sham investigation,” calling it a “charade,” and also urged the inspector general to look into Maj. Lewis’s conduct.