Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_4From unfounded criticisms for speaking the truth about how ISIS became more than a JV team to equating racism with securing the border, NWO globalists, their media puppets, and their politicians in both American political parties really, really wish to brainwash Americans into hating Trump. After all, Trump is not only a person, but a symbol for almost everything they hate and he threatens their agenda. Therefore, he must be demonized in any way possible even when he’s truthful.

So the Democrats have gone the way of Cain, even to the point of Clinton choosing a running mate with a name that is a homonym of the infamous Bible villain and whose values match his. Dig down to what’s really beneath their much ado about nothing over Trump or the fact the lady (Clinton) doth protest too much about Trump, and you will find the Democrat agenda, aka NWO agenda, is centered on hating human rights and freedoms for the sake of covetousness. The following are a few things to take note of:

● Trump believes unborn humans should not be murdered and have the right to live. Hillary thinks they should die at any time before they exit the womb.

●Trump is against the Trans Pacific Partnership which will subjugate Americans to laws/courts of other countries, including those embracing sharia. Hillary wants the TPP to reward her backers and enrich herself for the sake of globalism.

●Trump is a successful capitalist who thinks laws, rules, and regulations in the US should fairly help capitalism thrive for the sake of making a decent living with hard work and personal responsibility. The Democrats hate capitalism and love socialism where government becomes god and promotes stealing from others to redistribute their wealth to those who don’t want to earn it.

● Trump wants to secure US borders and supports law enforcement to protect law abiding Americans from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Hillary and her media puppets really couldn’t care less about law abiding Americans, hence they try to quiet any mention of black-on-black crime, illegal immigrant criminals, or sharia-lovers who kill and maim the innocent for the sake of their open borders, global governance policies.

● Trump promises to fill US Supreme Court vacancies with justices who believe the Constitution is static and should be preserved. Hillary wishes to fill the Supreme Court with justices who think the Constitution should, like the Bible, be subject to the interpretations of every liberal whim or with justices who hate the Constitution altogether, believing it’s just a document for white male landowners.

Tim_Kaine_cropAnd the contrasts, including opposing views on Obamacare, go on and on. Will Americans choose to be duped for another four years by choosing Hillary with her blatant disregard for American lives at home or abroad? It remains to be seen.

I mentioned above that Kaine, Hillary’s running mate, had similarities to Cain in the Bible. It’s worth noting Kaine is a hardcore Jesuit. Therefore, like Cain, he makes unacceptable sacrifices to God (praying to dead people, salvation by works, liberation theology, etc.) and even thinks it’s fine to murder via abortion and euthanasia. Thus, he has been assigned to be Hillary’s handler.

Trump’s views show that he, traditionally not a politician, understands God established government for law and order to punish the wicked for society’s good (Rom. 13:1-7). He understands God sends us leaders to be watchmen that protect and warn us against danger (Ezek. 33:1-6) , holding them responsible when they neglect those duties. For too long, Washington, DC has been filled with neglectful, self-centered watchmen. Hillary and Kaine are more of the same.