National_Organization_for_Women_logoTerry O’Neill, secular humanist president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), stated in a recent interview that she doesn’t care about scientific proof that an unborn person is human from the moment of conception. Her only concern is that women and girls have unfettered access to abortion if they want it as “basic reproductive healthcare.”

Her statement shocked the interviewer to the point he had to get more clarification from her. When he stressed that if science shows from the moment of conception that a fetus is human, technically it would be murder to abort the fetus, O’Neill stuck to her statement showing complete indifference for unborn human life. It proves what I’ve been saying for years. People who reject the notion of God’s existence, although they claim to be focused on science, really don’t care about science and just use it as a crutch to justify their evil, as is proven by their embracing abortion even though science proves beyond any reasonable doubt that an embryo or fetus is human from the moment of conception.