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Institute crowdfunds priest school for 3rd temple; geologist says Israel filled with precious stones

Jewish high priest in priestly garmentsThough Israel spiritually dwells in a state of rebellion against God in that most Israelis reject their Messiah, the Lord remains faithful to his prophetic word when it comes to prophecies being fulfilled in Israel. Take, for instance, the Third Temple prophesied in the latter part of Ezekiel. The Temple Institute announced today that they have started a crowdfunding campaign for a school to train priests to serve in the future Third Temple. They expect the school to begin by year’s end.

According to their press release, “The curriculum…will include courses on the Temple service, theory and practice, and the role and application of modern technology in the Third Temple. Courses such as The Sacred Temple Vessels — Aspects of Engineering and Design; and The Mathematics of the Holy Temple will be taught as part of the program.” Rabbi Chaim Richman, the Institute’s International Director, believes the turmoil going on in the world provides the perfect opportunity for the temple to “usher[] in an unparalleled era of peace and harmony among all of mankind.” Rabbi Richman also believes “The Temple service represents the purest connection between man and our Creator.” He is unfortunately deceived on those points, but God will still ultimately use the temple as a testimony for his glory. Daniel (Dan. 12:31-32,45), Jesus (Matt. 24:15-16), and Revelation also tell us the Antichrist will impose himself into the temple complex with a covenant he will betray. Just a few weeks ago, a Muslim leader in Turkey, where the Antichrist will originate from, told some rabbis that he is ecstatic about Jerusalem having another temple.

In another interesting turn of events for Israel reported today, an Australian geologist, Prof. William Griffin, says he has discovered that Israel has a huge amount of precious stones lying underground that would be worth mining. He and his team of Russian scientists have found large deposits of moissanite (a rare mineral), rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and other precious minerals and stones. He is now working with an Israeli mining company, Shefa Yamin, to raise the necessary capital to undertake the expensive prospect of handling the products after they are excavated, since the excavation itself is the easiest and cheapest part of the process. Could this find of precious stones be a fulfillment of Isaiah 54:11-12 where God said Israel would be filled with precious stones? Would they potentially be used in the Third Temple and its services? That remains to be seen. But these developments show we are living in interesting, prophecy-fulfilling times which testify how closely the Lord’s return is.


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