Millennials accept atheists, but still won’t vote for them, says Ray Comfort

in God we trust currencyIn a recent interview with Janet Mefferd Today, evangelist Ray Comfort reiterated how urgent it is for Christians to share the gospel with people they know or encounter outside the church walls. The interview was centered on Comfort’s recent effort to witness to atheists at their Reason Rally.

After Mefferd introduced the observation that America has never had an atheist President and currently has no atheists in Congress, Comfort proceeded to address one of the pet quotes of atheists–“Religion causes more wars than anything.” To debunk that idea, he referred to statistics from the 2004 Encyclopedia of Wars, which stated that up to the year of its publication, there were 1,763 known wars throughout history. Of those wars only 8% were religious. Of those religious wars, 66% were instigated by Islam. The other wars (92%) were political in nature. Comfort went on to highlight how the historical record from the 20th century proves that it’s atheists who shed the most blood. They pretend to be nice, but when placed in power they demonstrate pure evil.

Comfort went on to point out how most Americans view atheists as the equivalent of rapists. With that amount of distrust, Americans can’t see themselves voting for an atheist because they are perceived as lacking a moral compass by the way they have attacked things that most Americans still hold dear– the freedom to express a belief in God in public by having the national motto “In God We Trust, ” or crosses, or the 10 commandments openly displayed.

When Mefferd mentioned that more young people accept or embrace atheism and wondered if it would change American politics, Comfort stated surveys showed those young people still would prefer voting for a Christian instead of an atheist. That, he said, is a good indication millennials are still open to hearing the gospel, if only we as Christians are willing, bold, and loving enough to spend the time sharing it with them.

Source: Bob Eschliman, Ray Comfort: You Can’t Trust a Declared Atheist With Political Authority,, July 13, 2016.

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