Can the Christian religion be labeled a delusional blind faith?

When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called a Religion. author/philosopher Robert M. Pirsig

A delusion is something that people believe in despite a total lack of evidence. Richard Dawkins

Are these opinions about religion, specifically Christianity, really accurate and true? Are Christians delusional people with a blind faith? Dr. John Lennox, the famous British mathematician and philosopher, recently tackled these questions in a YouTube video of a talk he gave in Washington, DC. One of the first things he did in the talk is establish the proper semantics for what a delusion is and what faith is.

Delusion: a persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence, especially as a symptom of psychiatric disorder.

(Dr. John Lennox–Science and God (July 1, 2016, 1 hr., 36 min.))

Dr. Lennox makes the point after highlighting this definition that when you use a term outside your “professional zone of confidence,” the first “ground rule” is that “you check with the experts in the field you’re wandering into.” So he asked some top psychiatrists if religion was a delusion. One of the responses he got was from Andrew Sims, a former president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Britain, who said the idea of calling religion a delusion was “erroneous and innately hostile.” Sims went on to say, “Although the content of delusion may be religious, the whole of belief, of itself, is not and cannot be a delusion.”

Lennox explained that Sims based these conclusions on the many studies that have been done revealing a whole host of positive life enhancements religion brings to the table, such as studies showing prayer helps sick people heal, the physical benefits of fasting, or the longevity of those who attend religious services. This type of evidence from experts in their fields expose the dangerous mindset that atheists have when they aren’t making themselves aware of such expert evidence from fields outside their own profession, according to Lennox. It points out atheists, particularly Dawkins, are not playing by the basic rules of making sound arguments and twist words to their liking–“intellectual dishonesty,” as Lennox calls it. This is further shown when one considers the real definition of “faith” and how atheists confuse it with the term “blind faith” as follows:

Faith, being belief that isn’t based on evidence, is the principal vice of any religion. Richard Dawkins

However, the Oxford English Dictionary says “faith” is (1) belief, trust; (2) that which produces belief, evidence, token, pledge, engagement; (3) trust in its objective aspect, troth, observance of trust, fidelity; (4) confidence, reliance, and belief proceeding from reliance on testimony or authority. The Bible presents the evidence on which the Christian faith is based. “It’s very important to make extremely clear that what we mean is we’re committed to something on the basis of evidence and to explain that evidence to them,” says Lennox.

Using the same definition of faith, it becomes clear atheism is itself a faith since they have faith in science even when it does not answer every question, such as “What is my ultimate purpose for being in this world?”, or “How can we quantify beauty?” Therein lies the blatant lies of the atheist who attacks Christians by misusing terms and for being guilty of what they themselves accuse Christians of–having a belief system.

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  1. Atheists don’t all claim to use science as a faith. They merely lack faith.
    There is a big difference between following a movement based on one book and following another based on cross-referenced and testable observations of the real world.
    Lies play no part in it. Just show us the evidence and agreement will follow.


  2. essiep,

    Your statement contradicts itself. Let’s examine.

    [Atheists don’t all claim to use science as a faith.]

    This is a statement of belief or trust on your part. It is a statement of faith, since it is most likely that you have not read, nor do you know personally, every single atheist in every profession who may philosophically be impacting the new atheist movement. John Lennox highlights in this video the actual evidence of prominent atheists who do, in fact, use science as a faith.

    So my question is–did you even watch the video? Your statement implies you didn’t and if you didn’t that in turn implies you have faith that your comment is true based on a small microcosm of evidence confined to the narrow view of atheists as opposed to a broader body of evidence that includes those who aren’t in agreement with atheism. John Lennox and others like him examine the statements and evidence of atheists to compare them with Christian beliefs to draw the conclusions they do.

    [There is a big difference between following a movement based on one book and following another based on cross-referenced and testable observations of the real world.]

    Our faith is technically not based on only one book, but on a compilation of books written over centuries by different authors who amazingly agree with each other in their historical, philosophical, moral, and spiritual details inspired by a single powerful entity who gives us observable evidence of himself and his accomplishments in the real world (Romans 1:19-21). So once again you make a statement of faith based on minute evidence instead of broader evidence. Lennox points out in the video that science itself as we see it today was started by those who had a belief in God as their basis for science, then used the Bible as the basis for their experiments and observations to discover such things as the laws of physics and the laws of thermodynamics. So you must not have watched the video.

    I would also point out the fact that atheists base their faith on one book by one human fallible author– Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. Then they dismiss anyone who is not in agreement with that one book by that one author.

    [Lies play no part in it.]

    John Lennox gave specific evidence that lies do, in fact, play a part in it. One lie was the deceitful manipulation of the terms they use to attack Christianity as I highlighted in my post.

    [Just show us the evidence and agreement will follow.]

    The video had a bunch of evidence, but your agreement did not follow. Therefore, you just lied and by lying contradicted yourself once again.


  3. Jesus put it this way…”Unless you have faith as a little child…you will never enter the Kingdom…” True faith is not a matter of intellect, reasoning or argument…but a matter of the human heart.


    1. Well little children believe anything though, I don’t think that’s an argument. They let go if Santa Claus around 8-9 years because it’s illogical, if only they were given the same freedom with the Gods their parents believe.

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      1. To the points made by Lightwriters (Susan) & Sarah,

        There are plenty of little children who won’t believe just anything. A child tends to not want to be touched by or near to an adult they are unfamiliar with. A parent for the most part must vouch for the safety of an adult before the child accepts them. That’s evidence. This is the context of Jesus’ statement on the godly faith of a little child in Matt. 18:2-6:

        And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,

        And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

        Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

        And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.

        But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

        The child had been in the presence of Jesus because of his parents or some other adult relative. Having seen the evidence of Jesus’ trustworthiness, the child humbly approached Jesus when Jesus called him. The child had to have been “converted” at some point to Jesus’ trustworthiness by what he witnessed even as a child. That’s far different from a Santa Claus scenario since the evidence will eventually disprove Santa Claus. The evidence shores up the reality of Christ.

        This brings up more aspects of what faith is from the scriptures. It is the gift of God presented to us by the hearing of the word–

        How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?… But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report? So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Rom. 10:14,16-17

        For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. Eph. 2:8-9

        Thus the word of God is the evidence that makes him manifest to all people (Rom. 10:18-20) even though many will deny him because they refuse to accept the evidence that his gift of faith presents.

        Hebrews 11:1 presents another aspect of godly, Christian faith:

        Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

        Then we find out in Hebrews 11 about the faith of God’s saints and that it was based on the evidence of what God said to them (his words) in the past and present to establish the evidence of what he would do for them in the future even though they were “warned of God” about things they hadn’t seen yet (Heb. 11:7). Therefore, reasoning has to be involved in godly faith. An argument can simply be “a reason given in proof” or a “discourse intended to persuade.” By simply presenting God’s report by the preaching/sharing of his word, we are by default making an argument by reasoning (Acts 17:2-3; 24:24-25; 1 Pet. 3:15). So then if faith comes by hearing the word of God (which is the evidence), reasoning and arguing has taken place with humility in order to receive the gift of faith.

        Sorry I got a bit long-winded.


      2. Very long winded, I can’t be bothered reading chunks from scripture, I was forced to my entire childhood in the indoctrination phase of my life. You are right is the parents who show am children what is right and wrong, who is safe and not safe. Telling children to trust a 2000 year old dead Jewish guy is not logical and is unsafe for children’s long term mental health, I call it child abuse when parents indoctrinate their children with bible teachings.


      3. So, Sarah, basically you have no interest in the evidence that shows the dead Jewish guy rose again because, in all honesty, you would have strong evidence that it’s best to give up your favorite sins. That’s what it’s really about. As I pointed out in the post right before this one, the most recent evidence we have of what happens when an atheist controls things is the resulting violence and loss of life from atheist George Soros and his financial support of violent migrants to Europe and from some individuals indoctrinated by the #BlackLivesMatter movement. What an atheist legacy, right?


      4. Oh please, there is no strong evidence that Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus’ life was not written about until approximately 60 years after his death, imagine as an old man trying to recall details of something that happened 60 years prior? It’s no wonder the gospels contradict each other. I don’t understand how you’ve tied Jesus resurrection up with my so called favourite sins? I will say that regarding ‘sins’, I have found that gaining a new perspective on life away from Christianity has inspired me to be a better person, because I don’t rely on prayer and forgiveness to fix things for me, I pull up my sleeves and to the work on myself, I’m only accountable to myself and choose to live with integrity to my values, you should try it sometime, it’s been a very humbling experience. Whatever crimes George Soros has committed would be a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of murders and violence committed in Jesus name over the last 2000 years. Jesus, what a legacy, right?


      5. Sarah,

        If you are trying to live with integrity to your values, how reliable are your values really if you have such animosity, bitterness, and resentment towards someone just because they choose a different belief system than yours. I have no animosity towards you. And the idea that you are only accountable to yourself can’t be true unless you live as a hermit in an isolated wilderness–which probably isn’t the case since you obviously have Internet access.

        Your values are actually failing you. If your values were so airtight, why is it that you have gotten the facts so wrong about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection? His resurrection marked some serious paradigm shifts. Why have you gotten the facts so wrong about the murder and violence falsely attributed to Christianity vs. murder and violence perpetrated by atheists in history?

        You should update your history on the date of the earliest accounts of Christ’s life. The earliest fragments of manuscripts talking about him are dated 50-70 AD. They were among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Jesus was crucified around 30 AD. So within 20 years of his life someone had written about him. That’s really early after he walked this Earth, considering that the earliest writing on Julius Caesar was 100 years after he died, the earliest writings on Aristotle were 1400 years after he died, the earliest writings on Plato were 1200 years after he died, yet historians consider those writings on those men so reliable, you probably learned all you know about them in your past school history books from those manuscripts. So the texts about Jesus are more reliable since they were much closer in time to his life than the other famous men you know about. Additionally, there are 10 non-Christian or anti-Christian sources who wrote about Jesus (even mentioning his resurrection) within 150 years of his life, which still beats out the accounts of the other ancient men.

        Then on top of that there are about 5800 ancient extant manuscripts that agree with each other 99% of the time that the New Testament is based on. No one else from the ancient world has nearly that many manuscripts or fragments about them in such close proximity to their lives. The closest one is Homer, who has 643 ancient extant manuscripts about him. (Source: Norman L. Geisler, Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, 1998, pages 531-537.)

        Are you familiar with 20th century history? If you were, you would know that atheists caused the deaths over a hundred million–far more than all that died at the hands of the Crusaders who weren’t really Christian. That’s not counting atheist assassins like Lee Harvey Oswald or Gavril Princip of the Black Hand or Jim Jones, the infamous cultist. Atheists love bloodshed.

        Your whole statement is suspect in its hypocrisy, anyway. While atheists claim that there’s no such thing as objective moral laws, you imply there is objective moral law by claiming I’m a liar or that Christ’s resurrection is a lie. How can a lie even be possible or how can you know it’s even wrong to lie if there are no objective, universal moral laws? How could you be qualified to even say your values are better than mine if objective, universal moral laws don’t even exist?


      6. I have animosity towards people who indoctrinate their children, because children are never asked what they want to believe they are just told and because there is such an imbalance in power between a child and its parent, it is almost always used to the parents advantage in the case of religion. A child relies on its parents for survival so complies and doesn’t question the truth of what their parent is saying, especially if it comes with threats of eternal hell fire punishment. Did you indoctrinate your children? My parents only presented one theory as to why we are here, ignored the rest. Evolution isn’t perfect, but neither is the bible, it is full of contradictions, a super power God who created the earth in 7 days is so primitive and more like a story you’d hear around an ancient camp fire. Those who wrote the bible were primitive, remember it is 1000’s of years ago! They didn’t know how to prevent disease spreading, they didn’t know the earth was round, they didn’t know so much of what we know today. Let me ask you how you came to have your faith? Did it begin in childhood or did you adopt it as an adult when you were fully capable of rationality and thinking logically?
        I never said my values were better than yours, but they don’t include knowing facts about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, they include things that actually effect my day to day life and my relationships.
        I also never said that universal, objective moral laws don’t exist.
        You have called me a hypocrite, bitter, resentful, which I think is referred to an ad hominem response.
        Have fun in heaven bouncing on clouds or down in the hot tub with the devil, what ever floats your boat. I’m out.


      7. @Sarah,

        [I never said my values were better than yours]

        Why is it that atheists feel they must lie to make their point? In your previous comment here’s what you stated, “I have found that gaining a new perspective on life away from Christianity has inspired me to be a better person, because I don’t rely on prayer and forgiveness to fix things for me … I’m only accountable to myself and choose to live with integrity to my values, you should try it sometime.”

        So you did, in fact, claim your values were better.

        [I also never said that universal, objective moral laws don’t exist.]

        Yes, you did. In your previous comment you said, “I’m only accountable to myself and choose to live with integrity to my values.” That is a blatant denial of universal moral laws, but at the same time you contradict yourself with that statement by saying your way is right and mine is wrong. That by default acknowledges there are objective moral laws. So you told another lie.

        [I have animosity towards people who indoctrinate their children, because children are never asked what they want to believe they are just told and because there is such an imbalance in power between a child and its parent, it is almost always used to the parents advantage in the case of religion.]

        Sarah, do you know what the law of noncontradiction is? Because you just violated it again, invalidating your own statement by your own words. Do you not realize that this whole statement of yours is itself indoctrination? If this is what you teach any kids, actively or passively, you are indoctrinating them with this principle. I covered this whole concept in a post awhile back to show how untrue it is.

        That makes this yet another lie in your comment.

        […the bible…is full of contradictions]

        No, it’s not. You just think it has contradictions because you lack understanding and wisdom. Don’t blame the Bible for that. It’s your own fault.

        [Those who wrote the bible were primitive, remember it is 1000’s of years ago! They didn’t know how to prevent disease spreading…]

        Sarah, please do your homework for yourself. You’re just repeating what atheists you surround yourself with have said. Archaeologists have discovered ostraca which prove that ancient Israel/Judah had a well-developed and organized educational system.

        Furthermore, if you took time to actually read the Bible, you would find out they knew about quarantining the diseased and the importance of having running water. They even knew the Earth was spherical along with other scientific advances. So they weren’t so primitive after all. Another one of your lies.

        You should really look at John Lennox’s video I included above in my post, because you are making many of the same mistakes your fellow atheists are making that Lennox points out. It’s really sad to watch you grasp at straws after you’ve been presented clear-cut evidence about how reliable the Bible is vs. how deceitful, harmful, and murderous atheism is. My hope is that you repent of your sins and believe in Jesus before it’s too late. It must be really strange to wake up every day and try to convince yourself through your contradictions that God doesn’t exist when you inherently know he exists.


      8. 1. Regarding values, I was giving you my perspective and experience since my choice to think rationally as opposed to believing in a god. It wasn’t my intention to make you feel insecure about your values, maybe I was just a bad Christian, but from your response it seems as if you are the same as what I used to be; very defensive and not so interested in the self work, just whatever makes you feel better about yourself, calling someone a ‘liar’ will do that.
        2. Regarding universal morals. I don’t know all the terms, but I do know their is universally preferable behaviour, eg. people do generally agree it’s preferable to be honest, and preferable not to use violence against one another (unless you are a religious fanatic).
        I used to think I was accountable to god which is what I was referring to when I said that had changed, I am now accountable firstly to myself, I am also accountable to my children as their parent, yes. Infact I’m accountable to anyone who has power over me like governments, but that is not my choice. Something changed when I went from feeling ‘watched’ by a superpower to being accountable to myself. I started wanted to make better, more informed decisions that led to better long term outcomes. As opposed to, not really being motivated to change, since the forgive-natron would wipe my conscience every week. If you asked my children what they prefer, me as a Christian or as an atheist (though they don’t even know those terms), I know they would say the latter. Because atheism has bought with it peaceful parenting, homeschooling and a parent who is working daily on being a sweet, patient one so my children look back and say “I have a sweet, patient mother”. That would never have happened had I stayed the path my parents intended for me, because they weren’t like that, with the religion came bad parenting, no children’s rights, no personal responsibility and no personal growth. My life has improved 100% as a result of leaving religion, though it wouldn’t look it to most, because how I’m living is pretty foreign to most people.
        3. The bible is full of contradictions and if you deny that you are the liar.
        4. Regarding repeating what I’ve been told. Actually you are describing yourself. I’m sure you are the one who is repeating what your parents told you. I am not. Granted you seem to know more about history than I do, had my parents not been so focused on having me learn bible stories for Sunday school exams I might have had a clearer mind to concentrate in history class, because I actually love history and look forward to learning more.
        Remember, I’ve had the experience of gaining a new perspective from the one I was taught as a child, you haven’t. I’ve moved from repeating what the trusted ones in my life told me was truth and found another truth/perspective which is logical. Its been challenging considering what it’s cost me in relationships to change my beliefs, and facing the certainty of death, but it’s also been so refreshing not to be twisting things to fit all the time, like everyone does with the bible. In my experience philosophy has been a much more powerful guide to live by than my experiences with religion.


      9. Sarah,

        At this point, how can you really be believed when your past comments have shown that you, like all atheists, are not only misinformed about the true nature of real facts, but you have contradicted yourself many times? If you can’t get simple facts straight about Jesus, or what the Bible actually says, or what science actually proves, how can you trust your own values? And what’s more, how can anyone trust you to have the correct values or correct information? You deceive yourself and are trying to deceive others.

        Your parents weren’t your worst problem–your sin nature is. The fact you lied in previous comments has proven that. One of the doctrines of atheists is that it’s okay to lie in order to persuade/convert people to your opinion.

        […their [sic] is universally preferable behaviour, eg. people do generally agree it’s preferable to be honest, and preferable not to use violence against one another (unless you are a religious fanatic)]

        FYI, atheists are religious fanatics. That’s why they killed so many people in the name of their religion in the 20th century. They cannot be trusted.

        […bible is full of contradictions]

        And yet you give no examples of them. If you hate contradictions so much, why have you contradicted yourself so many times? If you claim the Bible can’t be trusted for its contradictions, then neither can you.

        [I’m sure you are the one who is repeating what your parents told you. I am not. Granted you seem to know more about history than I do, had my parents not been so focused on having me learn bible stories…]

        You assume too much. The facts I’ve shared with you came as a result of my own personal desire to learn more about history and find out more about my Lord and Savior, the Bible, and science, in order to defend my personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. No one can be forced to believe in Jesus, because that is a decision one makes for themselves from the heart after they choose to accept the evidence of the gospel. People who do it because they are forced or pressured to say something with their mouth that they don’t believe in their heart are people, like you, who have given false confessions to placate humans. The people who encouraged me to learn more were not only Christians, but I got the most encouragement to learn more from two atheists I encountered in my early 20s in college. One atheist was a man at my church, the other was one of my professors. They mercilessly attacked my Christian faith, so I did my own research to prove what liars they were and found a whole treasure trove of information that God led me to. Those atheists thought I was a young, gullible, naive Christian who would just accept their lies. But I belong to Christ. He’s never letting me go, and I’m never letting him go. It’s a love relationship thing.

        Your indoctrination nonsense doesn’t hold water either. Don’t you know that North America no longer has the most Christians in the world. Asia and Africa, where there is a majority of paganism and secularism, have us beat. Now if those households are filled with non-Christians, how did so many from pagan and secular traditions become Christians?

        You’ve indoctrinated your children with your lies. I pray that God will show them the light before they leave this Earth because your way will leave them spiritually and morally bankrupt.

        […philosophy has been a much more powerful guide]

        Hmmm. I guess that’s why you got so many of your historical and scientific facts correct. Right? And maybe that’s why you never contradict yourself as you speak against indoctrination of children while you indoctrinate your own. Makes perfect sense. Not.

        Would you care to know the real reason you keep returning here? You know God exists and it strikes fear in your heart when there are well-informed people of God who expose the weaknesses in your religion. So you are so quick to pass judgment that you contradict yourself in the process and that only serves to reveal even more weaknesses. If you admitted to the failings of your religion, it would mean you would be faced with the fact you’re a sinner in need of God’s salvation. But you can’t have that since you love your sin so much. You’re a slave to it and only Jesus can make you free from it.


      10. At the end of the day, the onus is with you to prove that God exists, because I don’t believe he does. If I believed in fairies I wouldn’t expect you to tell me reasons why you didn’t, I would be the one who needed to produce the evidence, and you haven’t given me any. You have just given reasons as to why you think Christians are better leaders than atheists. Well,
        I’m a anarchist and don’t believe any human being has the right to have power over another human being, or steal their money from them, as is the case with the collection of taxes.
        I’m no stranger to bible teachings and that is what we are talking about here, so trying to pull the wool over my eyes about what it actually says in the bible about God and his supposed righteous character won’t work with me. The God of the bible has no problem with slavery, condemning homosexuality, genital mutilation, the sacrificing of animals for his pleasure and all manner of barbaric traditions. If you can’t find anything else more pure to worship than an idea like that, then you must be surrounding yourself with some pretty low life forms.
        Here in reality, virgins don’t have babies, bushes burn when they are on fire, man doesn’t walk on water or heal sick people with magical powers.
        I believe that the idea of a god is something very hard to let go of if the idea is introduced in childhood by loved ones, and is like a psychological scar in adulthood.
        Encouraging children to think rationally and logically isn’t indoctrination, the opposite is true, teaching children stories and ideas which go against science and the child’s actual experience is indoctrination and in my opinion child abuse.
        Atheism isn’t a religion in my mind.
        I don’t take part in church traditions anymore, eating bread (flesh) and drinking wine (blood) or
        pray to something that doesn’t answer back, that my friend, is religion through and through. I spend time with the people I love, the ones I know for sure are with me right now in this life and I make the most of it.
        I don’t like how you make so many assumptions about me but I’ll forgive you because I know you are in an environment which makes many.


      11. [At the end of the day, the onus is with you to prove that God exists, because I don’t believe he does.]

        Sarah, you’re lying. The fact you believe in objective moral laws of right and wrong proves it. There could be no such laws if God didn’t exist. And if you were really into science, you would know the universe has order to it. In order for there to be such order, someone greater than the universe and everything in it had to put it in such order. You’re just using your religion as cover for your sins. 2 Peter 3:2-3 and Jude 17-19 prophesied there would be people like you in the last days–scoffers who walk after their own lusts. If the Bible weren’t true, why are you and others fulfilling what it predicted?

        John Lennox’s video above was part of the evidence I’ve given all over my website that God exists. Since it doesn’t match your bankrupt worldview, you deny the sound evidence because you walk after your own lusts, bringing me to my next point–

        [I’m a anarchist and don’t believe any human being has the right to have power over another human being, or steal their money from them]

        By admitting you’re an anarchist, you are proving the Bible true since anarchists walk after their own lusts.

        Anarchist (Merriam-Webster): a person who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power …especially : one who uses violent means to overthrow the established order.

        Anarchy is a dangerous tool used by hypocritical atheists. Your contradictions show themselves again. While you claim that no human being should have power over another human, you exercise power over your own kids. So you’re a lying hypocrite. Every time you return with a comment, you keep digging a deeper hole for yourself. You’re not in jail, so that must also mean you’re acknowledging another human’s power over you by obeying laws and their right to have that power. Can you really trust your values, Sarah, after making it so obvious you’re a hypocritical liar?

        [You have just given reasons as to why you think Christians are better leaders than atheists.]

        The historical record proves it. It’s not just what I think. The fact that you think it’s just what I think shows how dangerous your atheist mentality is. That’s why I pointed out how atheists have ruled in addition to how they approach science. The whole philosophy is bankrupt no matter which angle from which you view it–scientifically, historically, or spiritually. Since new atheism is based on Luciferian doctrines, this is no surprise.

        [The God of the bible has no problem with slavery, condemning homosexuality, genital mutilation, the sacrificing of animals for his pleasure and all manner of barbaric traditions.]

        Says someone who hasn’t read the Bible. Do you know how to think for yourself? You’re repeating the lies other atheists have told you to repeat– like a parrot who hasn’t done their research. 1 Timothy 1:8-10 condemns “menstealing” which includes slavery. The Bible condemns slavery in the Old Testament also when God brought Joseph out of slavery to be a ruler in Egypt as second in command to Pharoah and when he sent 10 plagues on Egypt before freeing Israel from slavery in Egypt. A “bondservant” was not the same as an African slave from the 1600s-1800s. God gave bondservants rights such as only serving as a servant for six years.

        Yes, God rightfully condemns homosexuality along with all other sex outside of marriage for the preservation of a healthy society. When you promote homosexuality, you are by default promoting prostitution (harmful to society) and promoting the harmful spreading of diseases. It weakens society.

        The Bible condemns harming genitals because God wanted people to be fruitful and multiply (Exodus 21:22; Deuteronomy 25:11-12).

        When someone creates animals, the Creator has the right to use them for whatever purpose he deems necessary. The sacrificed animals often became the meal for people after they were sacrificed. Those animals were good for food. Just because you may be a vegan doesn’t give you the right to impose your vegan values on others by condemning an animal that served as both a sacrifice to atone for sins and for food. And if God was all about animal cruelty, why did he order them to be saved by Noah?

        Regarding your denial of miracles, you’re using David Hume’s failed argument that “evidence for the regular is always greater than that for the rare.” You confuse probability with evidence. Adding the evidence for all regular events and suggesting this makes all rare events untrue is flawed. In golf, a hole-in-one is a rare event, but if there is reliable eyewitness evidence that one occurs, we don’t tell ourselves that a hole-in-one is impossible simply because it isn’t a regular occurring event. The issue is not how regular vs. rare an occurrence is. The issue is whether evidence exists for the rare occurrence. Furthermore, natural forces can be overridden when intelligent beings enter the picture. That’s how we got airplanes, birth control, fertility treatments, and ball players who interrupt the force of gravity to catch balls before gravity pulls them all the way to the ground.

        Not only that, but miracles occur more often than you realize. You assume you know all there is to know about the universe when you spout off about miracles not occurring:

        [Encouraging children to think rationally and logically isn’t indoctrination]

        But your contradictions aren’t rational or logical. You’re only a legend in your own mind. Aside from those points, you didn’t read the link I gave previously about my post on indoctrinating children, because if you did, you would know the definition of indoctrination is to teach a philosophy or doctrine, and your statement above is a philosophy (although you don’t follow it) and so is your atheism.

        [Atheism isn’t a religion in my mind.]

        But your mind is not the authority from which we get the definition for the word religion. You are so full of yourself if you think that. Religion is “an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group; a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.” Atheism, therefore, is a religion. I already pointed how your atheism is based on faith in the post above, as John Lennox pointed it out in the video above.

        Your comment shows, Sarah, that you don’t know which way is up. You trust in your own values based on what you THINK you know, but really don’t know. That’s why you can’t even get simple definitions correct to simple words. Yet you want to trust your own values in the midst of your contradictions while claiming the Bible is wrong and that any science not based on your contradictions must be wrong.


      12. “…presents radical and rational arguments for a nonreligious, non-statist, entirely secular set ethical standards which validate the nonaggression principle – thou shalt not initiate force against thy fellow human – and the fundamental logic for respecting property rights”

        A really interesting read and will address some of your questions at the end there.


      13. If atheists really believed in “thou shalt not initiate force against thy fellow human – and the fundamental logic for respecting property rights”, why is it that they are so adamant about taking people’s lives, especially regarding abortion? Atheists claim to love science, but when the science proves that babies in the womb are fully human even at the earliest stages after conception, they don’t care what science says and back the murder of unborn humans. If they cared about property rights, why did so many atheists murder and steal their victims’ property in the 20th century? As I pointed out in my comment above.

        If they are into respecting property rights, why do they sue churches over crosses that churches have on their own property? Atheists are such hypocrites. But I guess that’s to be expected when you deny God’s existence when you really know deep inside he does actually exist.


      14. You are lumping all atheists into one boat. Atheists opinions differ just as much as the thousands of different sects of Christians who differ on their interpretations of the bible.


      15. You’re not being honest. You know full well, Sarah, that murdering unborn humans is a hallmark doctrine of atheism. Violating others’ rights is also a hallmark of atheism. As atheists fight against the free speech rights of Christians in public forums, wanting to confine Christian speech to the inside of a church or their home, atheists themselves want the freedom to share their religion whenever and wherever they please. It’s utter hypocrisy and unfairness. I said it before, I’ll say it again–atheists proved in the 20th century that when you let them have power, they murder, and murder, and murder some more. It’s what China is doing right now with forced abortions or imprisoning and torturing Christians simply for being Christian. The atheists running North Korea and Cuba are just as brutal.

        Do you not know that the people who sparked the new atheism movement (like Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist) that you’ve bought into are Satanists? Learn your history.


  4. Yeah, all living things were created by a process called evolution that no one has ever seen and never will see, just like Santa Claus, and this is “science”. No, actually this sounds very much like blind faith. For any ardent adherents to this faith, please explain how the bombardier beetle got its unique defence system as one source states, “The boiling, superheated spray known as benzoquinone is created by combining two chemicals in a protective blast chamber located in the hindquarters of the beetle. The resultant chemical reaction boils the mixture, simultaneously creating the pressure required to expel it at a predator.” How did that evolve? I haven’t heard the explanation.


    1. Well Paul, unlike you, I am happy to not know the answers to ALL of life’s mysteries, like how the bombardier beetle
      evolved it’s defence system. Im pretty sure if you wait long enough you might see scientists figure out more of these types of mysteries, as they have with so many other animals and insects. Perhaps instead of sitting their like a king demanding answers, you could attempt to find the answers to these things yourself? My guess is you wouldn’t know the first place to start, because you are no scientist, so leave it to the experts and enjoy your amazing luck, to be born at a time where there is answers to ALOT of life’s mysteries and you can see them on your Tv without leaving the house. Evolution has been proven – fact. Watch The Cosmos, it might be enlightening for you, and start making the choice not to live a life of ignorance.


  5. Sorry friend but you are basically saying, just turn your brain off, (that God gave you), and take in, without questioning, what the “experts” tell you. You want to turn off your brain and I am the one who is ignorant? You are essentially saying you don’t mind not knowing / being ignorant. Well, good for you, I guess.
    You are pretty sure if you “wait long enough you might see scientists figure out more of these types of mysteries”. Wow, if you “wait long enough”, like the next 10,000 years or longer, you “might” see scientist figure this out. That is kind of amazing. I am more sure they won’t find this but in any case, they have not explained it, or shown how it could have happened now, so there you have it, it certainly is not proven. You can promote all the philosophy and things you think happened all you want. Don’t call them science however, if you cannot provide evidence to show these creatures evolved from something else, even if it is your pet theory and you really, really like it. Evolution has been proven? By proven, do you mean that people have said it is “science” enough times to make them and others think they are right? That is kind of funny, but yes, when has it been proven?


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