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Denver Intl. Airport has too many coincidences not to be a conspiracy

DIA mural entitled In Peace and Harmony With Nature–A statue of a pale, scrawny horse with demonic eyes that welcomes travelers.

–A time capsule capstone dedicated by the Freemasons.

–360,000 square feet worth of mysterious underground bunkers.

–An “unused” tunnel system high enough for vehicles to pass through.

–A mural depicting a sword, gas, and gun attack by a warmonger with people cowering in fear or who are dead.

These are a few of the many mysterious oddities that have been talked about for years regarding the Denver International Airport that was completed in 1995. Blogger Helen Thomas examined and explained them in a post at popdust.com a few days ago. I believe with so many strange things that are part of this airport, there’s no denying it plays some part in New World Order conspiracies.


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