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US military personnel need prayers as suicide, mental illness rates stay high

A lot of research has been done since 9/11 focusing on the mental health issues of individuals serving in the US military. There is still a lot of speculation and not enough definitive answers on how to solve their PTSD and other problems because the suicide rates seem to consistently and persistently remain high for soldiers.

soldiers assist humveeA recent study revealed how concussive and toxic explosions have physically affected the brains of soldiers in combat zones in a negative way. Researchers in the study showed a link to the changes and mental illness in soldiers. Nevertheless, soldiers who are never deployed and have never seen combat have also experienced significant increases in mental illnesses like PTSD and depression contributing to suicidal tendencies. Given these quandaries and inconsistencies, the Pentagon is at wit’s end determining how to definitively bring the numbers down–so much so that many military leaders may be starting to accept the high rates as the new normal.

A former military behavioral scientist thinks the Army in particular has been slow to do the necessary peer-reviewed research to determine how and what to change about the Army’s suicide prevention programs. Since the military has reliable screenings for mental and physical issues before someone enters the service, and since serving gives them a profound sense of purpose, another military expert believes the unprecedented lengthy period of armed conflict the military is now in may be a factor.

Perhaps there are these other factors to also consider:

–the present younger generation has been raised on prescription drugs that have negative psychological effects

–the various social experiments carried out by the current President on the US military (e.g. gay rights agenda) and the resulting low morale

–the blatant moves to push out Christian chaplains and Christian influences

–the lack of a definitive strategy to bring about a definitive endgame for the military conflicts overseas, which may give soldiers a sense of aimlessly wandering

–persistent same gender and opposite gender military sexual assaults that are not handled expeditiously

Along with seeking the necessary medical treatments for the mental illness problems, the US military also could use a good dose of 2 Chron. 7:14 to find its way again. And a Republican commander-in-chief could work wonders for them as well.


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