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Tesla’s Elon Musk: Microchip implants can stop AI takeover

Elon_Musk_of SpaceX Creative Commons imageMany, including myself, have been wondering for awhile why famous technology gurus are hyping up the possibility of “Terminator” or “I, Robot” scenarios where artificial intelligence (AI) kills and/or conquers humans. What’s their ultimate endgame? Well, the other shoe has dropped, thanks to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X. Musk has proposed that humanity’s only hope to protect against an AI takeover is to develop microchips to be implanted in every human for the purpose of upgrading our intelligence when necessary.

According to Musk, if we become cybernetic beings of transhumanism, we will automatically interface with AI on a neural network (like a “Matrix”) and this will keep us abreast of their plans and changes. Subsequently, we will automatically be aware of and stay one step ahead of any attempts that AI may concoct to kill or enslave humanity. The source article for this post by Andrew Collins of iTech Post notes the following about Musk’s plans:

“The idea of human implants is fodder for conspiracy theories, but existing technology justifies these concerns. If implants are eventually required in purchasing goods and verifying identity, people would be forced to choose technology or live without it. Musk’s comments mused on the potential of implants, but failed to discuss the flip side.”

And that flip side is that transhumanist Musk is endorsing what would morph into the mark of the beast, complete with an encoding of “666” that the Bible prophesied in Revelation 13:16-18, with the precursors to this mark being an establishing of global governance (Rev. 13:1-3), promotion of Satanism in conjunction with humanism (worshiping the Antichrist)(Rev. 13:4), all-out war on Christians everywhere (Rev. 13:7), and lying signs and wonders (special effects) to fool the masses (Rev. 13:13). Is it possible that the image of the beast in Rev. 13:15 that kills people will itself be an AI? I’m glad I won’t be on Earth to find out face to face. So there you have it–transhumanists are now making the case the mark of the beast will protect you and make you smarter.



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