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Humanist atheist soldier complains of Bible at US military ball

flag bible crossA humanist atheist soldier contacted militant atheist Mikey Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation to complain of a Bible and a speech about the Bible that took place as part of a voluntary US military ball on May 13. At the Adjutant General’s Corps Ball held by the 8th Army, the Bible was displayed at a table along with several other objects such as a lighted candle as part of a POW/MIA tribute.

What the objects symbolized as part of the “missing man table” was explained in a statement, which said the Bible “represents the strength gained through faith to find peace and sustain those lost and missing.” After the explanation, the soldier who complained said the “transgression” of mentioning the Bible made him feel like he wasn’t part of the team. (Boo-hoo!) He also felt that it was putting a “Christian label” on all military personnel and encouraged non-Christian military to be ostracized.

In a statement released by Mikey Weinstein, he called the short ceremony and display “deliberate and despicable violations of bedrock constitutional law.” Meanwhile, the 8th Army leadership says they are looking into the matter.

Mikey Weinstein and those like him talk of bedrock constitutional law when they couldn’t care less about it. If they did care they would know that a person’s First Amendment rights don’t end at the military’s door simply because an atheist hates speech that doesn’t agree with their personal views. Was the soldier chained to his seat? Could he not have easily excused himself  from the room during the ceremony? Christians and others do that quite often at social functions when they don’t want to hear what a specific person may have to say. So this incident is just your typical militant God-hater looking for any excuse whatsoever to force Christians to bow to their own wishes as if Christians should be their servants, IMHO.

Weinstein’s actions and displays are despicable to a good number of military folks. Does that mean he should be banned from his influence in and on the military? If it would be wrong to ban his actions and speeches, why should those he disagrees with be banned?

Let the proud be ashamed; for they dealt perversely with me without a cause: but I will meditate in thy precepts. Ps. 119:78

Source: Kim Gamel, Eighth Army looking into complaint over use of Bible during military ball, Stars and Stripes, June 1, 2016.


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