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The brains of adulterous men are just wired that way, claims new study

adulterous mindsA new study from Kyoto University in Japan has claimed men who chase after married women have an area of their brains that are wired for taking high risks, making them prone to adultery. While most men (70%) shy away from getting involved with a woman who they discover is committed to someone else, 30% of the men they studied didn’t wish to stop pursuing those women, even if they themselves were married.

The researchers said those particular men had highly active medial orbitofrontal cortexes of their brains. In laymen’s terms, the wiring of their brains makes them thrill-seekers who dismiss the potential risk of a confrontation with the woman’s mate. The author of the study believes the findings are a breakthrough in neural explanations for socially unacceptable behaviors regarding “love.”

While the study inadvertently excuses such behavior with an implied “they just can’t help themselves” argument, adulterers have no excuse for their adultery since adultery is ultimately a choice. We are not the unwilling puppets of whatever our brains conjure up when it comes to morals. Adulterers inherently know they’re wrong because they will be the first ones upset and crying foul if someone commits adultery against them. Certain morals transcend culture because God has created us all with the knowledge of right and wrong.

What this study really reveals is the truth of God’s word. It’s simply another reminder of what Paul warned about in 2 Timothy 3 when he highlighted the common traits many people would have in the last days. Among the many things they would be is incontinent–looking for ways to encourage themselves in unrestrained, lustful, unchaste appetites. Despite their making excuses for adulterous behavior as this study attempts to do, the words of the Lord stand forever and since that is the case, we know adulterers will not be allowed in the kingdom of heaven (1 Cor. 6:9).

When God says something is evil yet scientists conjure up excuses for the evil like blaming it on the brain, the excuse is still unacceptable since God has provided people who have their brains wired to disobey him with the remedy to transform us by the renewing of our minds. All we need do is choose the remedy–the Lord Jesus Christ.


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