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Virgin Mary, don’t you weep: a Mary statue in California sheds “tears”

Virgin Mary statueWhen you’re short on Marian apparitions, apparently weeping “Virgin Mary” statues will do to draw in the masses to the Mass. Lying signs and wonders are a hallmark of the last days (Mat. 24:24), and weeping “Blessed Virgin” statues are one example among many. Yet devout Catholic Maria Cardenas of Fresno, California, is excited that she and her family now potentially have a way to spend less time in purgatory, if her weeping Mary statue is validated as an authentic “miracle” by the Vatican. Cardenas, although keeping her address a secret, has welcomed a host of visitors to stop by to witness the tears and pray to Mary in the presence of the statue.

Representatives on behalf of the Vatican have already collected the “tears” to run them through a series of tests to make sure they’re not condensation or an elaborate hoax or have some other scientific explanation. Visitors, including the news media, claim the tears run continuously, smell like roses, and are oily. Thus far, several priests who saw it for themselves think it’s genuinely miraculous.

According to Catholic “Miracle Hunter” Michael O’Neill, “As is the case of all miracles, the purpose is certainly to draw people closer to Christ and considering the image of the Sorrowful Mother’s tears, it is sensible to reflect on the suffering and death of Jesus Christ and as well as our own sins. Such prodigies can foster introspection in all of us and can bring us toward a conversion of heart.” In other words, it’s a good marketing tool to convert people and strengthen devotion to the Roman Catholic system.

In reality, we don’t need a weeping statue to focus on what Christ did for us as far as suffering and dying for our sins. Venerating statues is idolatry, plain and simple, and serves to turn us away from the true Christ. From what we read in the Bible, the real Mary is no longer weeping, but is rejoicing with all the saints in heaven that she received forgiveness for her sins and dwells in the presence of her resurrected son, who is part of the Godhead, who she was able to see while on earth hours after he was raised from the dead.

Source: CNA Daily News, Mary statue in California appears to weep miraculous tears,, May 11, 2016.


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