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Microchip madness: human implanting slowly grows in popularity

The Czech Republic now has 11 citizens who have voluntarily gotten microchip implants placed inside their hands. They use the NFC-chip to unlock the doors to their homes and to make Bitcoin payments anywhere a chip reader is available and Bitcoins are accepted. When they received the implants through a needle between their thumb and index finger, it was required that they wait two weeks before using the chips to give the hand enough time to form tissue around them to prevent their movement.

microchip hand implantThe chips store 880 bytes of data that can be stored up to 10 years or can be overwritten by other data up to 100,000 times using an electromagnetic reader. Each chip costs $750 in US currency. Ten more people are scheduled to receive chips this summer from a private institute that is allegedly run by the group Zhotoven, who have a reputation of pushing the boundaries with performance art and other stunts that challenge what is socially acceptable. The 10 newcomers will use the chip for the additional function of sharing information among themselves using anonymous, private secure servers.

In another story recently, a man in the Minneapolis area who calls himself a sci-fi fan recently boasted on the local news there that he now has several NFC-chip implants to perform various functions such as unlocking the door of his home, controlling his computer, and controlling his smartphone.

Microchipped humans are still in a very small minority, but with the ever increasing acceptance of this precursor to the future mark of the beast, it is now undeniable that a majority of people will one day welcome the Beast, all his Beast tech that supports his 666 mark, and his crafty policies with open arms. Despite the fact that all of this is laid out as plain as day in the book of Revelation, most will still harden their hearts against the Lord, denying the obvious truth of God’s word as they prepare to openly worship the Beast and Satan himself.


Residents of the Czech Republic willingly implanted into the body of the payment chips,, May 5, 2016. (This article is at a Ukrainian website so be aware the writer’s grasp of the English language isn’t very good.)

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield, Twin Cities Man Has Microchips Implanted In Skin,, May 2, 2016.


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