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Megachurch pastor in China freed from prison

The former pastor of China’s largest megachurch has been freed from prison after serving three months of a 14-year sentence. Pastor Gu Yuese, who was taken into custody in January and eventually arrested on trumped-up embezzlement charges, was taken to trial in a kangaroo court for speaking out against the Communist Chinese government’s increased campaign of removing church crosses and in some cases demolishing church buildings.

Chongyi Church in Zhejiang province is a state-sponsored church. The government considered the pastor to be in good standing with the Communist Party, under whom he served as pastor, but that all changed when he could no longer keep his silence about the injustices he was witnessing. The Holy Spirit must have prompted him to speak out and like the prophet Jeremiah, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He was subsequently removed by the government as the church’s pastor and jailed until his trial, then sentenced–which speaks volumes about the nature of ‘state-sponsored’ churches and the real reason why there is church-state separation in the US.

Nevertheless, Gu Yuese will still be under ‘residential surveillance’ with guards posted at his home to spy on his every move.

Source: Pastor Gu Yuese of China’s Largest Megachurch with 10,000 Members Released from Detention After 3 Months,, April 6, 2016.


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