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Young men who desire womanhood are often depressed & drug-addicted

man with painted fingernails by Brian on Flickr Creative CommonsA study of 16-29-year-old men done in Chicago and Boston under an HIV prevention program found that these young men who were “transitioning” to become females commonly dealt with being depressed and wrestled with substance abuse. There were 298 participants in the study and all were involved in sexually risky behaviors (which is the PC way of saying they’re prostitutes). About 75% of them were unemployed and a little less than 50% of them made $10,000/yr. The study was done from 2012-2015. Here are a few of their discoveries–broken down by the numbers:

  • Young Latin men had the highest rate of prevalent mental health problems at 48.6%.
  • 41% of the 298 transgenders were diagnosed with one or more mental health or substance abuse problems.
  • 20.2% had suicidal tendencies in the previous 30 days.
  • 11.2% abused alcohol in the previous six months.
  • 15.2% had abused nonalcoholic substances in the previous six months.
  • Transgenders had a 2 to 4 times higher rate than the general population of being diagnosed with health problems (mental & physical) and/or addiction problems.

Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy, a medical expert on transgender youth in Los Angeles, blames these problems on society by claiming this “minority group,” like all other minority groups, faces prejudice and stigma. She suggests that the remedy must be to change the “cultural paradigm” toward young guys who want to act like girls. The researchers’ solutions for their problems were to create “[c]ulturally tailored interventions” that are updated over time by “longitudinal cohort studies.” Ultra-liberal gay activists believe that the real problem is that transgenders resist the idea of being associated with prostitution when they should embrace it as part of their cultural heritage and as a means to empower themselves.

However, as I’ve said before when covering LGBT issues, these people who wish to affirm people in their sins not only want to push God out of the picture, they wish to ignore science as well–in spite of the fact they swear they’re being scientific. It is impossible for males to really become females or vice versa since gender is scientifically determined by one’s chromosomes, which cannot be changed. Claiming that one’s gender is based on “feeling” is about as ridiculous as saying Tarzan the Ape man really was an ape because being raised by apes made him act like one and he felt like one.

What these defenders of transgenderism often conveniently avoid is admitting the fact that many gender-confused people act the way they do because of some kind of abuse (physical and/or sexual and/or ritual) by some authority figure in their environment that steered their inherent sinful nature in that direction. It’s my opinion that the reason many of the enablers avoid that subject is because many of those enablers condone deviant sexual behavior because, ultimately, they wish to unleash and normalize all kinds of those behaviors on civilized society, including pedophilia and the legalization of all forms of prostitution.

The Bible clearly states LGBTs will not enter the kingdom of heaven (1 Cor. 6:9-10; Rev. 21:8). Even if they go through a program to get rid of their demons, it still doesn’t solve their ultimate problem of a life without the salvation of Christ, and they can become like the man Jesus mentioned in Matt. 12:43-45. The acceptance of sodomites has always ushered in other abominations (1 Kings 14:24) while discouraging their acceptance accompanies the blessings of godly revival (2 Kings 23:7). Lord God, help us see the truth on this issue and minister the gospel to these people in love without wavering or compromise or fear so lost souls can be saved to receive your peace.


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