Robert_F._Kennedy_Department_of_Justice_Building_-_large_entrance_doors_-_2721 Creative CommonsThe U.S. Dept. of Justice is looking to go after anyone who says anything bad about Islam in public schools to give Muslims special protected status, which is basically sharia. This will open the door for any Muslim student, parent, or teacher to make accusations (even if false) against any student, teacher, or parent (like they do in Muslim nations) who asks questions about the validity of the Islamic faith or may express disagreement with or criticize Islam. Yes, Muslim students should be protected against violence like all other students, but “harassment” as mentioned below is a very broad term and there is no need for a new program when the laws already on the books protect every student when enforced properly. Read more about it at the article excerpted below:

“Criminalizing free speech is about to happen. Well, only if it is construed as anti-Muslim, or anti-Islam. The Department of Justice is moving swiftly by implementing a new enforcement effort that will follow up any investigations with possible prosecutions for what they say has been backlash to Muslims since 9/11, particularly Muslim Students in public schools.

“Department of Justice Civil Rights division head Vanita Gupta states the new crackdown “Combating Religious Discrimination,” will focus on fighting the harassment and acts of violence towards Muslim children, or children “perceived” to be Muslim while attending school…”

Source: U.S Dept.Of Justice Interfering In Public Schools,, March 9, 2016.